Verstappen: Interesting to see track updates in Melbourne

Verstappen: Interesting to see track updates in Melbourne

Max Verstappen is looking forward to the 2022 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, at a revised Albert Park track in Melbourne, and believes the track updates would be interesting to see.

Verstappen heads to the race down under on the back of a victory at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix two weeks ago, and would be looking to build on the momentum he gained in Jeddah.

It was in 2019 that F1 last raced in Melbourne, as the venue has been absent from the calendar ever since due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions Australia had in place, with Verstappen finishing the race third that year.

The Dutchman spoke ahead of this weekend’s race in Melbourne and said: “I am really looking forward to racing in Australia again; it’s been a while! The atmosphere is always so good there too.”

Turn 6 has significantly changed

The track has been updated ahead of this year’s race to promote more overtaking, with two corners removed (the Turn 9 and 10 chicane) with Turn 6 being widened by almost seven meters as other corners have been revised.

“It will be interesting to see the track updates,” the reigning Champion commented on the track changes. “I think they will make quite a big difference, especially in Turn 6, where the most significant change has happened.

“There should be more overtaking opportunities now, too, which is always positive,” he added.

There hasn’t been much to choose between Verstappen’s Red Bull RB18 and Ferrari’s F1-75 over the course of the first two races, the Blue and Red cars being the top pick of the grid so far this year, and the race in Australia will give another opportunity to find out how the two cars stack up against each other.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how the car performs in Australia; the track can sometimes be quite dusty,” Verstappen said.

“I hope we can have another smooth weekend as a team, so let’s see what happens on Sunday,” he concluded.