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Exclusive: Susie Wolff to make bid for FIA Presidency

Exclusive: Susie Wolff to make bid for FIA Presidency susie wolff

Having some fun on April 1st has become a GrandPrix247 tradition. As outlandish as these stories may be, F1 taught us never to rule out anything, hope you enjoyed our 2024 April Fool’s.  

We learnt today (of all days!) that Susie Wolff will launch a campaign to become the first female president of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and with it challenge current President Mohammed Ben Sulayem for one of the most powerful positions in motoring and motorsport.

Before this is announced, sources close to her soon-to-be-announced campaign, claim Ms Wolff, wife of billionaire and Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff, with her criminal complaint against the FIA shot the first salvo in what F1 insiders believe will be a no-holds-barred battle for the FIA top spot, the governors of Formula 1.

The 41-year-old Scot is the ‘poster-person’ for the campaign which will run under the slogan: “Making The FIA Great Again” with backing from F1’s biggest powerbrokers including Susie’s husband Toto who is her biggest fan and supporter.


Should she indeed become the FIA President, it would make the Wolffs a power couple seldom seen in any sport – akin to the JayZ and Beyonce of F1.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali will be rubbing his hands in glee because his paymasters and F1 commercial rights owners aka Liberty Media have often been at odds with Ben Sulayem. An ally in the FIA (Bernie Ecclestone and Mox Mosley style) will make running the show a lot smoother.

Is Susie Wolff a plant? Who is backing her alleged bid?

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Susie Wolff’s rise through the ranks of motorsport have been steady, and under the radar mostly with no real success to make a noise about.

Her junior racing career from karting through to Formula Renault and Formula 3 was unspectacular. But somehow she managed to swing a deal to drive in DTM when most observers felt she was unsuited for the German tintop series.

In seven forgettable years of DTM, starting with her rookie season in 2006 where she ended the year in 17th, followed by 20th, 16th, 16th, 13th, and 18th in successive years. Finally finishing 22nd in the 2012 championship in her final attempt.

In over 70 races in the series, she scored points twice, a couple of seven places in 2020; also her best season, in which she finished 13th. Williams under Claire thought Ms Wolff to be a fine catch and signed Susie to the team. Completing a cute circle as Sir Frank’s team is where Toto made his mark over a decade ago.

The F1 adventure (did she ever drive an F1 car in anger?) continued as Mercedes, where her Toto bossed the show she found refuge as an ambassador for the German manufacturer, which shows how low that bar is for an underachiever to get such a lofty role.

The Susie Wolff Team Principal adventure lasted until the end of 2022

Susie Wolff named Venturi Formula E team boss

When that ended with no one really remembering what Susie did as Merc-mascot, Ms Wolff joined Venturi Racing in Formula E as Team Principal in 2018. Dipping into her piggy bank one assumes, she bought shares in the team to boot. She shrewdly opted for Merc powertrains for her cars!

But unemployed Susie was not for long. Remarkably, without any prior experience of running a racing series, motorsport’s female version of Zelig has this year popped up as F1 Academy managing director. Where did that come from? We all gasped as the Wolffs of F1 Street just got that more powerful.

The final inspiration for launching the Susie4Prez campaign struck the cabal apparently behind this powerplay, was how Ms Wolff was the darling of cameras on the first running of the deplorable F1 Academy, during the Saudi Grand Prix weekend, A series where the 16 really bad race drivers broke cover for what has become fondly known as Formula Susie.

F1 Academy is a sexist farce which Ms Wolff is tasked to sell to fans

F1 ACADEMY RACE 1: Three car collision at COTA brings out Safety Car"

No matter how bad, farcical and sexist the concept of the F1 Academy is with its 15 drivers, only there it appears because of looks or family money because a race driver with talent among them there was not. And no story there until one or more gets hurt.

Instead, the spotlight was on Ms Wolff the F1 Academy supremo getting more airtime in one weekend than the F3 and F2 chief Bruno Michel – a real grafter and there on merit – has had in his entire career.

TV cameras drooling over motorsport’s new wunderkind. It’s a lovely story of AverageGirl to SuperGirl at the speed of light, from failed race driver to Team Principal to F1 Academy supremo.

What’s next for motorsport’s SuperGirl? A perfect plant for the FIA throne, of course.

So there you have it, on this day, you heard about the – “Susie Wolff: Make the FIA Great Again Road to the FIA Presidency” – campaign for the first time on this site. In other words, the war between the Wolffs and the FIA’s Ben Sulayem will rise to another level of dirt.

In closing, unconfirmed reports suggest that part of the mandate Wolff will push is ditching the traditional dark blue and gold colours of the FIA, for a bright Barbie Pink logo to herald the new era of a Female FIA Prez.