magnussen hulkenberg has f1 team

Haas drivers ready to sweat it out in Singapore heat

magnussen hulkenberg has f1 team

Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen have deals with the Haas F1 Team for 2024, no sweat! But now all eyes are on the matter at hand: this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix where they will sweat for their money.

A shorter track (due to non-F1 related construction) translates to lap times 10 seconds or so faster, making it one minute 20s lap times at Marina Bay Street Circuit with its awkward turns and angular corners, claustrophobic walls, the nighttime and of course the hot humid conditions that tend to prevail in the region.

All the unique challenges that make up the weekend in Singapore, which Magnussen is well aware of: “The biggest thing about Singapore is that it’s the most physical track of the year with the heat and humidity. That’s an extra strain on the drivers, but also because of the track layout and the low-speed nature of the track, the race continues for a long time, it’s often close to the two-hour limit for a Formula 1 race.


“You lose a lot of liquid, you sweat a lot and it’s very demanding of the driver. In all the training I do, the main event is the main motivation to train in Singapore, that’s how I feel anyway. It’s the most exhausting I’ve ever been in Singapore. There can be good and bad years with the humidity, but generally, it’s the most demanding race,” ventured Magnussen.

Hulk: It’s too hard to judge how competitive we will be


Echoing his teammate, Hulkenberg said: “We’re working to European timings so acclimatizing isn’t really an issue. You get to the track after lunchtime, hot, and you leave just before midnight, still hot. I train a lot, and especially in Singapore you realize why you put in so much time and effort.”

Commenting on the shortened Marina Bay layout, 23 corners down to 19 for this 14th edition of the Singapore Grand Prix, Magnussen said: “I think it’s interesting. It’s probably going to make it slightly less demanding physically, it’s going to be faster, so it’s probably going to last for a shorter time so we’ll lose less liquid and be slightly less demanding. Whether that will change anything for us as a team, time will tell.”

Hulkenberg added: “It’s going to make it a faster lap and for sure it’s going to remain a challenge. You’ll need to keep concentration but until we get to first practice, it’s too hard to judge how competitive we will be.”

Competitive they have been, more so early in the season, albeit sporadic. More so in qualifying than races, where points are dished out. Thus Haas, eighth in the 2023 F1 Constructors’ standings, have a meagre 11 points out of 14 races. Hulkenberg scored nine of those points to Magnussen’s 2.

Last year after 14 rounds, the American team scored 34 points and were seventh in the standings. Magnussen (22 points) in one Haas car and Mick Schumacher (12 points) in the other.