De Vries: Giving Herta dispensation an incorrect precedent

De Vries: Giving Herta dispensation an incorrect precedent

Nyck de Vries jumped on the bandwagon with regards to the Colton Herta-to-Formula 1 topic, claiming that giving the American a dispensation will create an incorrect precedent.

Relaxing the Formula 1 super-license rules for American IndyCar racer Colton Herta would jeopardise the sport’s ladder to the top, Mercedes reserve and fellow prospect Nyck de Vries said on Friday.

Dutchman De Vries has a super-license after winning the Formula 2 and electric Formula E championship and has appeared in Friday practice for three different Mercedes-powered Formula 1 teams this season.

He has yet to secure a seat, however, while Herta – who does not have enough points for a super-licence – is in the frame for an AlphaTauri drive if the governing FIA give the go-ahead.

“I trust in the governing body and I think rules are there to be respected,” De Vries told reporters at the Italian Grand Prix after a practice stint with Aston Martin.

“There are plenty of other drivers in the market that have the super-license points, and the necessity is not necessarily that high to go and give someone a dispensation to give a super-license.

“It will give an incorrect precedent and example to Formula 3 and Formula 2 championships,” added the 27-year-old.

“I think it will be a shame if we jeopardise our system, and I also think it’s unnecessary.” (Reporting by Alan Baldwin)