Horner: Maybe Wolff is getting a role in Hamilton’s movie

Horner: Maybe Wolff is getting a role in Hamilton's movieChristian Horner revealed Toto Wolff provided an element of theater in a recent team principals’ meeting in Canada, joking the Austrian may be getting a role in Lewis Hamilton’s upcoming movie.

The Red Bull boss was referring to Lewis Hamilton’s latest off-track performance, as he confirmed that he was working on a Formula 1-themed movie with actor Brad Pitt.

The FIA’s latest Technical Directive regarding the “porpoising” and bouncing of the 2022 F1 cars  has been the majot talk of the paddock in Canada, with a heated meeting taking place between the sport’s team principals as they debated the topic.

Horner commented on the aforementioned meeting – where Netflix were present recording for the next season of ‘Drive to Survive’ – saying: “As a meeting, it was a shame that.

“So obviously Ferrari presented its position regarding the TD, and Toto is campaigning for a change in regulations, which is somewhat ironic because his car looked quite quick today with not a lot of bouncing.

“And I think it was just pointed out to him clearly that perhaps his issues were within rather than everybody’s issue.” he added.

Wolff providing an element of theater

As for how Wolff conducted himself in the meeting, Horner joked: “I think there was an element of theatre going on in that meeting, so maybe with Lewis’s (Hamilton) new movie coming along, he’s getting in role for it!”

Asked how much of F1’s politics lies within the subject that Mercedes are debating on safety basis, Horner pointed out: “The issue with Mercedes is more severe, or certainly has been prior to today than any other car.

“That surely is down to the team. That’s within their control to deal with that. If it’s not affecting others, and I know it was said other drivers have been complaining.

“Our drivers have never complained ever about porpoising,” he insisted. “They’ve said certain circuits could do with tidying up, perhaps resurfacing in places.

“But we haven’t had an issue with bouncing. The problem is they’re running their car so stiff, I think their concept is the issue than the regulation.

FIA favoring Mercedes?

“On the evidence of today, Azerbaijan and this race was always going to be two of the worst races on the calendar. It didn’t look like an issue in the race today,” the Briton said.

Mercedes has a second stay, used to reduce the flexing on their W13’s floor, fixed to the car in Canada, but later removed as some team objected threatening to protest.

Horner hinted at a bias from F1 governing body in that regards, saying: “Of course, there is a process of these things to be introduced, I think what was particularly disappointing was the second stay, because it has to be discussed in a technical forum.

“And that is overtly bias to sorting one team’s problems out, which were the only team that turned up here with it even in advance of the TD, so work that one out….

“They know where we can go with it,” the Red Bull boss hinted.

(Additional reporting by Agnes Carlier)