Vettel: Hamilton is already a Ferrari driver

Sebastian Vettel has issued a humorous rebuke to speculation that he could be forced out of Ferrari as reports emerged in Abu Dhabi that Lewis Hamilton has been in talks with the big brass at Maranello.

The German was asked about speculation that Lewis Hamilton could be heading to the Maranello team to become Charles Leclerc’s future teammate.


“But Hamilton is already a Ferrari driver,” Vettel replied cheekily with tongue firmly in cheek. “I think he already has a few Ferraris in his garage.”

As for his own plans, Vettel went on to poke fun at speculation spurred on by members of the F1 media circus, “If I listen to you (journalists), then I think I will be on vacation next year.”

“I don’t know who started the rumour, but they seem to know more than me. And as journalists are always right, I guess there will be news in the coming weeks,” Vettel added with a laugh.

At 32 Vettel is still young in terms of career lifespan in the top flight. Former teammate and buddy Kimi Raikkonen is 40. But The German’s teammate Leclerc is only 22.

However, this does not faze the four-time F1 World Champion, “I think that age is not as crucial and important to us as it is in other sports.

“But in the end it’s the same in every sport: if you’re good enough, you’re still young enough. Conversely, if you’re good enough, you’re not too young.

“For me it is clear: If I stop once, then I stop and do not come back also. You just have to be happy and say, that’s it,” added Vettel.