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Red Bull and Honda set for 2021 extension

Red Bull and Honda are edging closer to extending their works partnership beyond the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship season

Officially, the Japanese engine manufacturer – like others on the grid – are yet to sign up for the sweeping new regulations of 2021.

But after a difficult return to the sport with McLaren in 2015, Honda is now making clear progress, closing the gap to the other engines and winning three of the 20 grands prix so far in 2019.

Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda’s F1 technical boss, told Formule1 that he hopes the one-two in Brazil “has a positive impact” as the carmaker makes its decision and said, “I hope this result has a positive impact on our future.”

De Limburger, a Dutch newspaper, said Red Bull’s Helmut Marko travelled directly from Brazil to Japan after the weekend’s Interlagos race.

“Sources in the paddock know that a deal to deliver engines in 2021 is in the works,” the report said. “In Abu Dhabi, where the last race of the season will be held in two weeks, the Japanese would like to have news.”

Honda’s Tanabe pointed out: “I am not involved in this process but our board is working on it.”

Meanwhile, a dominant victory in Brazil by Max Verstappen is sure to go a long way to sweeten any future deal. Since they have been bolted onto the back of the Red Bull’s Hinda have won three races to date.