Raikkonen slammed for bad attitude after injuring mechanic

Francesco Cigarini

Fans have lashed out at Kimi Raikkonen’s apparent callous attitude when returning to his pit garage after striking down mechanic Francesco Cigarini during a botched pitstop at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The incident which resulted in Raikkonen leaving his marks before the mechanics had removed the left rear wheel, as the Ferrari pulled away the wheel struck Cigarini to the ground in agony. 

While his colleagues attended to him on the floor of the pitlane, in front of the Ferrari box, Raikkonen parked the Ferrari 50 metres down the pitlane, got out, threw the steering wheel into the car and stormed back to the pits with hardly a glance at his stricken teammate who was later hospitalised and underwent a successful surgery.

After the race Ferrari were fined €50,000 for the blunder by FIA stewards.

In the post-race interview Raikkonen was typically cool on the matter, “I don’t know what shape he is in. It is not great for him. I go when the light is green. Not much to say. We did not finish the race, so it is not great but this is what happens sometimes.”

The attitude incensed fans who set Twitter alight with their disdain:

Ferrari tweeted the day after:

On Friday the veteran Finn also irked the Formula 1 community when asked his opinion on the future of the sport, he replied, “I don’t know what they’re doing now. I know very little about it and I’m not interested in it, so we’ll see what they say. It’s in many years’ time anyhow. I doubt I’ll be here so it doesn’t really bother me.”