Merry Christmas card Bernie Ecclestone style

bernie ecclestone christmas card

Deposed Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone could not resist a swipe at Formula 1’s new chief Chase Carey in the Christmas card he sent out to his pals this year, keeping up a tradition of thought-provoking cartoon style cards that he has sent over the years on the occasion of the festive season.

This year’s edition shows Carey under a rain cloud, amid dark clouds, walking a tightrope towards an unwelcoming, pistol-toting cowboy with the caption, “Chase is trying his best not to fall on his way to find 6 races in the USA!”

Clearly in reference to Liberty Media’s desire to have more races in the United States.

This year Ecclestone has had a fair share of digs at Carey and Liberty Media, accusing the new owners of turning Formula 1 from a Michelin star restaurant he established to a fast-food joint. Hence the steaming cup of takeaway coffee that Carey can be seen carrying on his perilous trip.

The card shows Ecclestone also walking on a tight-rope, in the opposite direction, beneath a gleaming sun, bypassing Europe (below the rope) to open-armed world leaders, declaring brazenly: “Bernie made it with a little help from his friends!”

All this being watched by an angelic FIA President Jean Todt, an ornament at the top of a Christmas tree.

The inside of the Christmas card has a warning rather than a greeting: “Another year has gone and with the happy Christmas with us, you now have time to think about what you should not have done this year, and what you are going to do next year.”

Merry Christmas and thanks, Bernie!