Domenicali happy taking time off with his family

Stefano Domenicali

Stefano Domenicali

Former Ferrari Team Principal Stefano Domnicali has admitted that he is enjoying time off with his family, and no career plans appear in his future at the moment.

Speaking during an FIA hosted forum on new technology, Domenicali said of his current situation, “So far, I’m taking a [break]. After 23 years of non-stop work it seems I have a bit of time now, so I’m taking the opportunity to be with my family, which has to be good. Yes, really good.”

Domencali resigned from the Ferrari hot seat in April when it was apparent that the Maranello outfit had yet again produced a mediocre car to challenge for the world title.

The way the season has panned out has not been much of a surprise for the Italian, “As I said last year, it was clear that the teams that were strong at the beginning would keep that advantage for the season because with such a step change in technology…Mercedes have done a great job and they will keep this advantage for a long time.”

“To close the gap in a situation where the regulation is more or less frozen is very difficult. I hope the others will be able to close the gap soon, though, because at this stage you need to have races that are emotionally engaging. If you lose the passion it wouldn’t be good,” ventured Domenicali. (GP247)


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