Alonso skeptical about upcoming Aston Martin Hungary upgrade

Alonso skeptical about upcoming Aston Martin Hungary upgrade

Alonso skeptical about upcoming Aston Martin Hungary upgrade

Fernando Alonso is not holding his breath waiting for Aston Martin’s upgrade planned for their AMR24 in the Hungarian Grand Prix, insisting the team have to prove its worth.

Alonso hasn’t been putting an effort to hide his frustration with Aston Martin’s development place for their 2024 Formula 1 car, the AMR24, especially after a recent upgrade introduced in Barcelona back fired and made the car worse.

After the Spanish Grand Prix, the double F1 Champion called on his team to talk less and work more, and while he had a slightly better weekend in Silverstone where Aston Martin scored points with both cars, he was still skeptical about his team’s upgrade plan.


Facing the media in Silverstone last Sunday, including GrandPrix247, Alonso was asked explain the improved form of his AMR24, he said: “I drive the car. Very good question for Mike [Krack – Team Principal] and Tom [McCullough, Performance Director].”

Asked how about the feeling in the car, the Spaniard responded: “It was pretty good. I mean the feeling was back to normality. We were fifth, sixth fastest team.

“Nico [Hulkenberg] I think was very fast the whole weekend, but yeah, we could fight for points, seventh and eighth I think it’s more or less the positions we were before pre Imola in a way so yeah, we came back to our more natural position so happy for that.

“After Austria we regroup a little bit,” Alonso pointed out, “we understood a couple of directions that maybe were not right and, as I said happy to be back in the points, felt more competitive.”

Aston Martin’s pit stops in Silverstone ill-timed

The 42-year-old some wrong decisions regarding pit stop timings during the British Grand Prix, with rain mixing up the situation, he said: “Tricky race to understand and gamble in some of the tyre changes.

“I waited too long to put the inters, but the track was to dry probably so you damage a lot the inters on that first couple of laps. So I didn’t want to do that in case of heavy rain to have a better inter tyre. It didn’t rain. So my bet, you know, in a way it was not working but you need a little bit of luck on those,” he explained.

After a break from racing this weekend, F1 will be back in action for the Hungarian Grand Prix, where Aston Martin have another upgrade planned.

Asked whether he expected the new parts to work, Alonso said: “We need to prove it. We need to not talk and deliver the results.

“We’ve been bringing in a lot of new parts to the car and some of them they work, some of them they didn’t. So hopefully in Hungary we have a positive surprise. We saw last year McLaren showing us how much you can change in a season the car performance.

“And this year we have Mercedes. So there are two examples that it is possible so it’s up to us,” Alonso concluded.

Aston Martin have recently poached Ferrari’s chassis Technical Director, Enrico Cardile, as they attempt to strengthen their technical structure.

(Reporting by Agnes Carlier from Silverstone)