Alonso: Time to work harder, talk less, deliver more

Alonso: Time to work harder, talk less, deliver more

Alonso: Time to work harder, talk less, deliver more

Fernando Alonso called on his Aston Martin team to deliver better results in terms of developing their 2024 Formula 1 car, the AMR24, and did not hold back in assessing the situation.

Alonso’s home grand prix, the Spanish GP was as disappointing as weekends get, failing to make it into Q3 in qualifying while also finishing the race out of the points in 12th.

Aston Martin, despite much promise in 2023 when they started well and dropped down the order losing the development battle to their rivals, have not been in a good place in 2024 despite talks about a better approach, and in Barcelona, they were also beaten by the Alpines!


Speaking to the media including GrandPrix247, Alonso reflected on his race, he said: “A little bit disappointed because we didn’t score any point.

“We deserved not to score any point because we didn’t have the pace the whole weekend, but in the race, it was extremely difficult. When you slide so much in the corners, also you kill the tyres.

“So you have two problems. You don’t have the pace, plus you have a lot of degradation. So all in all, it has been a very long race for us. We need to get better for us,” he insisted.

Austria and Silverstone will be painful

The double F1 Champion pointed out that his AMR24 simply lacked downforce and pure load, and added: “It is frustrating but there’s nothing you can do now so you start thinking in Austria immediately when you see the checkered flag and what you can do differently in Austria.

“It’s going to be painful as well because it has some characteristics of Barcelona with the long corners and the high. It’s going to be another tough weekend, also in Silverstone, arguably. So, yeah, we cannot get too frustrated. It’s time to work harder, to talk less, to deliver more. It’s what we want to do,” he maintained.

Aston Martin have brought upgrades to their car but those did not seem to work, something the team suffered from in 2023 as well, and while Alonso is looking forward for future upgrades, he want them to work.

“I’m looking forward [for upgrades],” he said, “but we’ve been upgrading the car a lot and we didn’t deliver the results. So now it’s also a matter of whatever we bring to the track, it does deliver what we expect and we start getting better and better.

“So as I said, we need to work hard, get better every race, but without too much talking or promising,” he reiterated.

Quizzed why the upgrades did not work the 42-year-old bluntly responded: “I’m a driver, not a technician.”

Alonso is currently ninth in the 2024 F1 Drivers’ Championship with 41 points. Aston Martin are fifth in the Constructors’ Championship with 58 points.

(Reporting by Agnes Carlier from Barcelona)