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Question for Vasseur: Why are Ferrari F1 upgrades never enough?

vasseur ferrari f1 turrini barcelona

The honeymoon period of Fred Vasseur with Ferrari is over. The Frenchman has unquestionably revitalised the team during his time in charge at Maranello but questions are being asked why performance has evaporated since Charles Leclerc won in Monaco.

Coupled with Carlos Sainz’s triumph in Australia, Ferrari seemed set to challenge for regular wins again. However Canada and, most recently, Spain put paid to that notion. They were not happy hunting grounds for the Reds who trailed not only Max Verstappen in his Red Bull but also the McLarens and Mercedes duo.

In times of uncertainty at Ferrari, Leo Turrini’s poetic column is the first port of call to assess the sentiment in Italy regarding their beloved racing team. The Italian wrote in his latest column: “I’ll be brief, hoping not to be heavy.


“The real Ferrari is the one from Le Mans, the one with covered wheels, the one with the historic encore in the legendary 24 Hours. However, in Formula 1 the summer began in a…winter kind of way!

“After the Canadian fiasco to underwhelming in Barcelona. In the race as in qualifying, Ferrari is ​​the fourth force. Well yes. It’s slower not only than the imperial [Max] Verstappen in his Red Bull but also slower than the McLaren of Norris and two Mercedes.

“Of course, Fred Vasseur isn’t lying when he says that, compared to the past, there is a greater balance on the track. But he should help us understand why (as usual, I’m tempted to add) the upgrades brought to the Ferrari are never enough.

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The writer continued: “A year ago the car was very competitive on one flying lap but dramatically lacked a consistent  race pace. But now, in reverse, we have a Ferrari that doesn’t have great qualifying pace while the overall performance over the distance has certainly improved.

“Urgently, it is essential to find a balance between the two needs. And here the quality of the French manager’s leadership will be judged,” wrote Turrini, of Fred Vasseur now in his second season as Ferrari F1 boss.

A talking point after the Spanish Grand Prix involving Sainz and Leclerc, the pair rubbing paint while racing for position. Further fueling the growing animosity between the two drivers. Leclerc, of course, stays on atr Maranello. Sainz on the other hand makes way for Lewis Hamilton at the end of the season

Obviously, Sainz is not obliged to play the team game anymore. The tensions between the Ferrari boys did not escape Turrini: “At the end of all this, emerges the deterioration of the professional relationship between the two drivers: Carletto and Carlitos.

“Yes, strong words flew after the race, with Leclerc accusing Sainz of allegedly failing to respect agreements made before the start. The Spaniard responded in kind with his own allegations. “This was predictable, given that Lewis Hamilton’s arrival was announced so far in advance and, in fact, the driver relationship isn’t any better at Mercedes between Russell and Hamilton.

“But the depressing thing is that the squabble involves two champions forced to fight each other for fifth place. Seriously, this last detail is even more embarrassing than any other consideration.”

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Speaking to reporters after the race, Vasseur played down the spat between his drivers, “Let us discuss and not draw a conclusion after the first comment of the driver when he jumped out of the car.

“From the data, we didn’t see anything regarding issues on Charles Leclerc’s car after the contact with Carlos Sainz. I think it was more of a timing issue. Charles lost about half a second at that moment,” explained the Ferrari boss.

“Yes, I repeat. The best Ferrari is the one at Le Mans,” wrote Turrini a true Tifosi, referencing the victory of Antonio Fuoco, Miguel Molina and Nicklas Nielsen in the Ferrari 499P Hypercar at Le Mans earlier this month.

Of the race winner, 2024 World Championship leader and triple F1 World Champion Verstappen, the writer concluded: “As for Verstappen, also a winner in Spain, he is simply proving himself to be one of the greatest drivers of all time.

“He will still win a lot. And anyone who persists in denying this talent has an assured future: Comedian!” concluded Turrini’s column.

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