BP to support Alpine in their journey to net zero

What is really going on at Renault-Alpine?

BP to support Alpine in their journey to net zero

Alpine has been going through a rough Formula 1 patch recently but matters have taken a bizarre turn with reports claiming the team will be ditching Renault power for 2026.

If ever there has been a silly season that involves F1 teams, this is it as Alpine and Renault are the stars in what is turning out to be an intriguing turn of events regarding the future of the struggling French team.

Almost at the same time that quotes for Renault CEO Luca De Meo were circulating, as he staunchly denied any plans to sell Alpine F1 Team or even any part of Renault’s F1 operation, reporting were emerging claiming divorce was in the horizon between Enstone and Viry Chatillon.


In plain terms, reports in several media outlets have claimed that Alpine will be ditching Renault power for the 2026 F1 season when the sport will launch a new set of power unit and chassis regulations.

The reasoning behind the split is reportedly due to lack of trust that Renault could deliver a decent power unit based on the new 2026 regulations.

That insecurity goes back to 2014, when Renault failed miserably at the start of the Turbo Hybrid era delivering the arguably the worst F1 Power unit which cost them their relationship with Red Bull with whom they dominated F1 between 2010 and 2013 winning four consecutive Title double with Sebastian Vettel at the wheel.

However, despite slight improvements over the years, the Renault power unit is the least desirable among the competition – Mercedes, Ferrari, and Honda – as they just power their works team Alpine whose performance has been appalling to say the least in recent years.

Who would power Alpine in 2026?

As such, Alpine Team Principal Bruno Famin has been exploring other options to procure power units in 2026, with Red Bull reportedly at the top of his shopping list, since having their power unit in the back of Alpine would not cause a manufacturer clash with Renault, which would be the case should Alpine work with Mercedes, Ferrari or Honda.

But Red Bull Powertrains are novice power unit manufacturers and even with Ford joining forces with them, they still lack the experience of Ferrari, Mercedes and Honda, so it would be quite a stretch for them to supply Alpine in addition to their own works teams as well as VCARB.

Otherwise, Mercedes would be an option as they will have a free slot with Aston Martin joining forces with Honda in 2026, but how would that work? A Renault-owned F1 team powered by a Mercedes engine? Alpine-Mercedes F1 Team would sound ridiculous right?

Which begs the question, given De Meo’s recent statements, do these reports about a Renault/Alpine split have any solid foundations?

It cannot be denied that Alpine have been lost in recent years with multiple management changes and restructurings not delivering the upturn Renault’s top brass have hoped for. They have been a team with no direction and now these reports about a split despite an apparently strong commitment from De Meo will definitely not help.

Speculation will always be there but we can only wait and see what the future holds for Renault and their Alpine in F1, but until then we can only ask:

Big Question: What is really going on at Renault-Alpine?