alpine not for sale says de meo

De Meo: We won’t sell even a part of Alpine, we don’t need money

alpine not for sale says de meo

Renault CEO Luca de Meo has poured ice-cold water on talk that Alpine F1 Team is up for sale amid a torrid time in Formula 1, where the team appeared to have lost direction.

A revolving door of technical and senior personnel including the loss of Fernando Alonso and Oscar Piastri has done Alpine no favours, and at times has even sunk to being the laughing stock of the F1 paddock.

Well off the pace for a works F1 team, supplying no customer and without any light at the end of the tunnel of management confusion, speculation abounded that Renault are up for selling the F1 team operation and focus on being an F1 Power Unti supplier.


If de Meo’s comments made to Autocar are anything to go by that is well off the mark as he is committed to Alpine F1 Team being successful at the highest level “I want to make this very clear. There is no way we are going to give up. It’s not my style.

“We will not sell even a part of this thing. We don’t need the money. I’ve had people making offers left and right, then talking in the press about it. But we’re not interested. It would be stupid and I won’t do it.”

A big statement from de Meo in the current landscape, whereby they are underperforming with an underpowered and cumbersome package that does their drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon no favours. The latter will leave the team at then end of this season.

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Regarding the reason for his team’s slide into F1 backmarker territory, de Meo explained: “[In 2014] when we began the hybrid era our engine didn’t perform. We had been world champions with Red Bull but with hybrid, things went wrong. Even the engine we developed in 2021 had a 0.2s to 0.5s disadvantage every lap. And this year we’ve screwed up with the car. If you combine everything, we’re up to 1.5s from where we need to be.”

With Renault committed to Alpine’s future in F1, De Meo spoke of the roadmap to get the French team back to the top: “For this year and 2025, we will try with the current set-up, then push to get things right for the next cycle. That’s the challenge but we will do everything necessary to be a competitive team.”

This led to the question of expectations regarding the F1 operation, to which the Renault boss replied: Talking about his ultimate expectations, De Meo called for improvement: “I expect a much better performance from the team.

“We are not here to be P16. We should be in the mix as often as possible. Sometimes you’re second, sometimes you’re fifth, but that should be our level,” declared De Meo, whose Alpine team have only scored five points in nine round of the 2024 F1 World Championship, and lie P8 in the points table.

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