Blundell: Hamilton will bring calm and control to Ferrari

Blundell: Hamilton will bring calm and control to Ferrari

Blundell: Hamilton will bring calm and control to Ferrari

Former Formula 1 driver Mark Blundell believes Lewis Hamilton could be the key to help bring Ferrari back to winning form.

Hamilton shocked the motorsport world earlier in the year with an announcement that he would be joining Scuderia Ferrari from the 2025 season onwards.

The 39-year-old enjoyed unprecedented success with current team Mercedes, securing six of his seven Drivers’ Championships with the Brackley-based outfit over the span of 12 years.

While the news came as a shock to many, Hamilton insisted that driving for the Italian marque was always a “dream” of his since he was a child. He will be hoping to secure an eighth World Title and finally overtake Michael Schumacher as the undisputed and most decorated F1 driver in all of history.

It seems unlikely that the Briton will manage to attain that eighth Drivers’ Crown with Mercedes. Ever since the introduction of ground-effect regulations in 2022, the Silver/Black Arrows have fallen down the grid, allowing Red Bull to take over as the dominant force.

Can Hamilton reverse his recent form and find success at Ferrari? Blundell certainly hopes so.

Hamilton and Ferrari a formidable combination

Blundell: Hamilton will bring calm and control to Ferrari

In an interview with AceOdds, Blundell is excited to see a fellow Briton driving for the Scuderia again. He said: “I mean, it’s great for Formula One in many ways. It’s great for British motorsport that we got a Brit back in Ferrari.

“Is it one of the biggest marketing deals that’s ever been done in the pit lane? You could put a flag in and say, yeah, that’s been achieved even without them even turning a wheel together. The impact of maybe putting 6 or 7 billion on the stock price of Ferrari was sort of impressive”, he added.

When asked what he thought were Hamilton’s chances at winning in Ferrari red, the three-time podium sitter think it is unlikely that he will win another Championship but is nevertheless excited to see what the veteran can deliver.

He continued: “The question is, can he deliver driving a red car which is every boyhood dream and every Formula One driver’s dream? I think to drive a Ferrari and do it where he can win the Grand Prix and win a World Championship.

“I just think it’s going to be a really tough task. I just can’t see it being an easy one, and I’m just hoping that he’s still got the motivation and the determination to go and fulfil that and that’s the biggest thing for me.”

Expectations will be really high for both Hamilton and Ferrari, but Blundell stresses that fans should keep their hopes in check to avoid disappointment.

The 57-year-old said: “Everybody has a Ferrari flag. And it’s pretty much the same when you mention the name Lewis Hamilton these days.

“It’s going to be a formidable combination, but one that really will have expectations beyond what everyone’s going to expect.”

Control the fire at Ferrari

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Hamilton is making a move akin to that of Schumacher, who took a gamble by moving from Benetton to Ferrari after two consecutive Titles with the former. Schumacher commanded several major changes from the moment he started with Ferrari, bringing in Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn as key figures and paring back a culture of nepotism within the Italian team.

Blundell believes that Hamilton could have a similar effect when he joins the outfit in 2025. When asked about the differences between the Italian culture of racing and the British culture, he stated: “I think it’s just a lot more – dare I use the word passion? I’m not saying that the Brits are not passionate. They are, but I think it’s kind of a controlled way.

“I say that in that we are very structured, engineered-led, try not to get flustered and that stiff upper lip sort of thing. And I think with the Italians they are a little bit fierier and things do get sort of heated.

“I think that’s sometimes where you’ve seen some mistakes coming in the Ferrari pit lane, especially where it’s just got a little bit over the top, and they haven’t quite controlled it and handled it”, he maintained.

About Hamilton’s potential impact at Maranello, Blundell continued: “I’m hoping that that’s going to be something that Lewis can bring to the table for them, in just giving them a little bit of calmness and that sort of outlook from his side of things.

“Just saying, guys, look, I’ve got the experience, I know how to win a World Championship; I’ve won enough of them. And this is what we’ve done over the years and this is what we’ve done that’s been effective.

“I can bring that with me and let’s see if we can go on the journey together,” Blundell concluded.

For the meantime, Hamilton will see out the rest of his contract with Mercedes. The next race will take place at the Albert Park Street Circuit in Australia and will commence March 24th at 04:00 GMT (15:00 local time).