Russell: Huge amount of missed opportunities in 2023

Russell: Huge amount of missed opportunities in 2023

Russell: Huge amount of missed opportunities in 2023

George Russell admitted that, in addition to Mercedes’ struggles, there was a huge amount of missed opportunities  in the 2023 Formula 1 season.

Russell finished the 2023 F1 season on a high in Abu Dhabi, where his third place meant Mercedes beat Ferrari to second in the Constructors’ Championship.

But the Briton admitted there have been missed opportunities, in a season Mercedes struggled with a subpar F1 car, the W14, that left the team and both its drivers Russell, and Lewis Hamilton, not knowing what to expect from their ride every race weekend.

Russell himself messed up a few times with incidents in Singapore, Canada, and Monaco, the first probably being the one mostly remembered as he crashed while chasing down Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris.

And while the young Mercedes driver managed a win (Brazil) and seven podiums in 2022, he could only manage two podium finishes in 2023.

Reflecting on his season, Russell said: “It’s been a very, very strange season. It’s been a season where we’ve had a lot of pace at times, but never achieved the results that I felt were deserved or were possible.

“So, we definitely need to try and understand why that was. There’s been a huge amount of missed opportunities in many regards. It really hasn’t been a smooth season. But I think when everything’s flowing, when everything’s working right, luck tends to be on your side.

“But when you’re on the backfoot, you tend to have bad luck. I’m not one for believing in luck. I think you make your own luck. So, we just need to be faster and lady luck will be with us,” he insisted.

Results were smooth flowing in 2022

Russell: I remember it like yesterday, I'm hoping we can repeat it

As to how his first season with Mercedes felt compared to his second, Russell said: “It’s definitely something I’m going to look at over the winter.

“The results were so smooth-flowing last year, I think we finished in the top five more than any other driver. And this year, I feel that I’ve upped my game in my quali pace and upped my game in my race pace, and we’ve definitely been on the backfoot.

“But we definitely have more competition this year. With McLaren joining the fight in the second half, Aston being there at the start of the season. But ultimately… eyes on next year,” he added.

Elaborating on next year, the 25-year-driver explained: “I think the task for everybody is massive. We’re all trying to catch up to the most dominant car in F1 history.

“So that’s no short task, and everybody’s going to have to come together, really focused, really put everything into it and time will tell.

“But I think we’re going into this winter in a much better place than we were 12 months ago and two years ago. So, we hope we’re not going to stumble over anything. But as I said, time will tell,” Russell concluded.

Russell finished the season eighth in the 2023 F1 Drivers Championship with 175 points. Teammate Hamilton was third with 234 points.

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