Vasseur: Upgrade opens doors for development

Vasseur: Upgrade opens doors for development

Vasseur: Upgrade opens doors for development

Ferrari debuted a significant upgrade package for their SF-23 in Barcelona, and Team Principal Frederic Vasseur claims it will open doors for the team in terms of future development.

The new upgrade for the SF-23 is a departure from Ferrari’s in-wash philosophy, adopting towards a Red Bull-inspired down-wash solution, something Fred Vasseur has ruled out earlier this season.

But it seems from how the 2023 Formula 1 season panned out so far, the only way is the Red Bull-way, and as Mercedes dropped their slim sidepod philosophy in Monaco with a new design inspired by Red Bull and Aston Martin, and now Ferrari have followed suit.

After FP1 on Friday in Spain, Vasseur weighed in on his team’s new car upgrades; he said: “The first feeling is good, but it was a very intense session, I think for everybody.

“We had to test the prototype tyres and we did three or four small runs of a couple of laps. Let’s have a look on everything and we’ll see over the weekend what is the situation.”

Ferrari committed to their new design direction

“It’s quite promising,” the Frenchman insisted. “We committed on this way and let’s see what the next weeks will bring to us. I think it was a tough decision, but it was a decision.”

Vasseur was wary of giving predictions regarding the potential of the new upgrade package pointing out that it offers Ferrari the flexibility in future development paths.

He explained: “From this upgrade, we are expecting a step forward, not a huge one, but a step forward, also to open some doors for the future in terms of development.

“We’ll have other upgrades coming in the next couple of races. It’s an opportunity also to take another direction, but even with this one, we’re expecting to do a step forward.”

Ferrari are currently fourth in the 2023 F1 Constructors’ Championship with 90 points.