george russell f1 2023 mercedes w14 shakedown Silverstone

Russell first to shakedown Mercedes W14 at Silverstone

george russell f1 2023 mercedes w14 shakedown Silverstone

Shortly after launching the all-black Mercedes W14 for the 2023 Formula 1 season, George Russell was out at Silverstone doing laps in the new car for the first time, with Lewis Hamilton expected to take over later in the day.

The Black Arrow, stunned upon its arrival and is expected to be the weapon Mercedes use to reclaim top spot in the F1 pecking order of the season ahead.

A few hours after the W14 broke cover online, Mercedes Tweeted a photo of Russell first at the wheel, shaking down the new car at the British Grand Prix venue.


After a well below-par season for the former F1 World Champions, Mercedes have high hopes for a car that needs to be good out of the box, unlike its troublesome predecessor which let the team down.

Speaking ahead of his outing, Russell said: “The motivation and fire within the factory is immense because people don’t want a repeat of what happened in 2022. We’re ready for it, and ready to go out there and fight.”

As for his personal goals, the 25-year-old Englishman said: “We’re all here to win, it’s as simple as that. We need to go out there and see what challenges we’re facing.”

In the other corner, seven-time F1 World Champion Hamilton, who began his remarkable F1 journey back in 2007 with Mercedes-powered McLaren, is also fired up for a new season and hoping for a better car.

Hamilton: We’re all anxious to get out there and see

Hamilton 'ready to do what's necessary to win' in 2023

“Also to see where everyone else is,” Hamilton told reporters. “You see the pictures of everyone launching their cars and you start to zoom in and see what they’ve got.

“But we won’t find out until next week exactly what everyone has got up their sleeve,” added Hamilton, referencing the start of testing in Bahrain a week from now.

As for expectations the W14 will be better than the ‘unlucky’ W13, Hamilton revealed: “We’ve done a lot of work in the simulator, we got to drive the old car but we’ve seen this in the works for some time now. I remember, before Christmas, seeing it in the wind tunnel.

“You hear about all the changes we’ve made and you just hope it has the characteristics of what we’ve been asking for [over] the past 12 months,” concluded Hamilton before taking to the track later in the afternoon.

The W13 last year did Hamilton a disservice, as he was unable to win a Grand Prix for the first time in a season since his F1 rookie season back in 2007. Instead, it was his teammate, Russell who delivered the solitary win when he scored his maiden victory in Brazil.

But credit to the former F1 World Champions for turning it around towards the end of the season, and will be hoping that the trajectory of upwardly mobile progress has continued through the winter development phase that resulted in the new W14.