FIA adds Jewellery and Underwear to F1 scrutineering

FIA adds Jewellery and Underwear to F1 scrutineering

FIA adds Jewellery and Underwear to F1 scrutineering

In what seems to be a development in the Lewis Hamilton/FIA  “Jewellery” saga, the Formula 1 governing body announced that jewellery and underwear will be included in the scrutineering process for the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday.

The matter was first raised by Race Director Niels Wittich at the weekend of the Australian Grand Prix, and at the time seven-time World Champion Hamilton – was defiant of the decision claiming his jewellery aren’t going anywhere.

But the subject has come back under the spotlight ahead of the inaugural Miami Grand Prix this weekend, as it seems the FIA are intent on having the check on jewellery and compliant driver underwear as part of the usual F1 scrutineering ahead of the race.

The FIA published a document titled “Scrutineering Declaration Form”, document number 5, dated May 05, 2022, where it informed the teams that the declaration forms that the teams usually submit have been modified to allow checking for “compliant underwear” and “the wearing of jewellery”.

The FIA document read: “The scrutineering declaration form template, as described in Article 31.1 of the Formula 1 Sporting Regulations, has been amended for this event to include checks relating to compliance with Appendix L
to the International Sporting Code (ISC), Chapter III, specifically Article 2 concerning compliant underwear
and Article 5 concerning the wearing of jewellery.”

Referring to Appendix L of the ISC, Chapter III, Article to, the document #5 from the FIA added: “The above noted regulation is written in consideration that the wearing of jewellery underneath the required flameproof clothing can reduce the protection afforded by this equipment.

“Metallic objects, such as jewellery, in contact with the skin can reduce heat transmission protection and thus may increase the risk of burn injuries in the event of a fire.

“The wearing of jewellery during the competition can hinder both medical interventions as well as subsequent diagnosis and treatment should it be required following an accident.

“The presence of jewellery can slow, due to the risk of “snagging”, the emergency removal of driver safety equipment such as helmet, balaclava, and overalls.

“In the case that medical imaging is required to inform diagnosis following an accident the presence of jewellery on the body can cause significant complication and delay. In the worst case the presence of jewellery during imaging may cause further injury.

“Jewellery in and/or around the airway can pose specific additional risks should it become dislodged during an accident and either ingested or inhaled,” the document concluded.

The Race Director for the 2022 Miami Grand Prix will be Niels Wittich, who contacted Covid after the Italian Grand Prix at Imola, but recovered before the race in Miami, which allowed him to take part in the event.