2022 F1 Car-5 alonso

F1 2022 Outlook: A brand new era beckons

2022 F1 Car-5 alonso

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix saw a  dramatic end to the 2021 season, with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen going into the final race level on points, some tight battles.

Some incredible defensive driving from Checo Perez and some absolutely outrageous decisions from Michael Masi and the FIA, throughout the entire season really, saw Verstappen take the lead and the drivers championship on the last lap of the season.

Absolutely incredible scenes bringing a lot of excitement for fans, somewhat soured by MANY poor decisions at the hands of the FIA.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the changes that are on the cards moving into the 2022 season, so if we’re all buckled in and the necessary safety checks are complete… It’s lights out AND AWAY WE GO!

f1 2022 formula 1 car render technical

The new car design for the 2022 season pictured above has seen a LOT of changes though casual fans MAY just see a “F1 Car” Source: Formula1.Com

The first thing to talk about is the car itself. This season will see the car undergo WAY more changes in comparison to previous seasons and all of them are done with the same end goal, to promote better racing. The first big change has been made to address what has been described as a “catastrophic downforce loss”. In a quote from the Formula 1 website;

“To put some numbers on it, research shows that current F1 machines lose 35% of their downforce when running three car lengths behind a leading car (approximately 20 metres, measured from the lead car’s nose to the following car’s nose) while closing up to one car length (around 10 metres) results in a 47% loss.

The 2022 car, developed by Formula 1’s in-house Motorsports team in collaboration with the FIA, and putting a heavy onus on the aerodynamic phenomenon known as ‘ground effect’ reduces those figures to 4% at 20 metres, rising to just 18% at 10 metres.”

These aerodynamic changes have been made in the hopes that trailing cars can stick to the back of the cars in front for longer periods, making dirty air performance a lot better. Which in theory, gives more chances for overtakes, since the pack should be tighter together.

Of course you’re always going to have a car or two that is ahead of the pack in terms of performance but THEORETICALLY this should keep things a little closer and more exciting.

So, with that being said, with potentially tighter racing and supposedly faster cars, who do we think wins the title? I think it would be foolish to rule out Max Verstappen after a pretty incredible 2021 season, was he gifted the title at the end? Possibly, but you can’t deny he was incredible this season, the mad thing is he’s only the second favourite according to a lot of bookmakers, places like Betonline and Bet365 putting him at 5/2 to win the 2022 drivers championship, so no guesses at who is the favourite.

Yeah that’s right, Lewis Hamilton is 4/5 favourite! Whether this next one surprises you or not, it would be great to know, 3rd in the list of favourites for the title? George Russell.

George drove a super good race only getting let down by the Mercedes pitwall crew in his one race in Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes which cost him what would have been his first win in F1, George is 13/2 to lift the drivers championship!

As a Brit I’ll be so keen to see how he gets going next season and might get in on the action as well. You can check out this BetOnline Review if your thinking about throwing down some cash on one of your favourite drivers before the season starts.

george russell mercedes

It was confirmed in September 2021 that George Russell would be taking the seat of Valteri Bottas at Mercedes for the 2022 season. How will he do? Source: Express

One thing that could play a huge part in both the drivers and constructors championships this season is a change to the way the FIA inspect the vehicles. We’ve all seen how much of a gong show it has been this season, ridiculous decisions, no consistency etc.

But a big change this season is how intensive the inspections of vehicles will be, the FIA have announced that at any moment during a race weekend, a car can be called in for a deep dive inspection, nobody will be safe and no excuses will be allowed.

The reason being, it’s no secret that every team will try to push the limits of what is allowed, if something is even so much as 2mm out, you’ll be called on it. H

ow big of a factor will this be? Only time will tell, but given the drama surrounding Mercedes rear wing back in November, it could play a huge part in determining the title!

That’s going to do it for this one! Let’s get a discussion going by answering the following questions; Which team do you support?

Who is your favourite driver? Who do you think SHOULD have won the drivers championship this season? Do you think the FIA have done a good enough job this season or are there improvements to be made? Let us know! Here’s to next season, take care folks!