F1-Verstappen-Crash-Silverstone newey

Horner: I think Verstappen was knocked out

F1-Verstappen-Crash-Silverstone newey

As Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton continue to push the limits during their epic title fight for top honors, incidents have occurred, with the most infamous still being their Silverstone crash, where Christian Horner believes his driver was knocked out by the impact.

Hamilton and Verstappen have treated the Formula 1 fans this year to a thrilling title duel, that hasn’t gone without its controversies.  The Red Bull team boss has re-addressed the Copse crash between the two speaking to Channel 4.

“Understandably he was hugely frustrated with the outcome at Silverstone because he had done all the hard work,” said Horner. “He had won the sprint race, started on pole during the race and held the start.”


The Briton went on to shed some new light on the accident and what had actually happened in the cockpit of the Dutchman ace.

“It got pretty tasty down the Wellington Straight and then of course there was the crash,” he recalled. “It was a massive accident. It broke the seat and I think it knocked him out.

“It was for sure the biggest crash of his career,” Horner insisted.

Horner then gave some insight into the changes the energy drinks outfit are going through with their power unit partner, Honda, exiting F1 at the end of this season. It is known by now that Red Bull have taken over the intellectual property of Honda’s power units and will be building them on their own on the future through their newly established ‘Red Bull Powertrains’.

Horner explained the logistics of this transformation to Channel 4 as well.

“What used to be an old warehouse is having a minor upgrade!” he joked. “It’s going to be the home to the engine facility. We’re in week 25 and it’s got to be ready for April next year.

“It’s incredible how quickly it’s changing. We’ve got the dynos arriving in October. They come and get lifted in on a crane.”

Horner then talked about the new people coming in, some of whom from their rivals Mercedes who didn’t hide their dismay.

“We’re recruiting aggressively at the moment,” he said. “We’re bringing in some great talent and to be doing this in the UK is really exciting.”

The team boss explained how Red Bull will become second only to Ferrari, as they have all their operations in one location whereas Mercedes build their chassis at Brackley, with their class-of-the-field power units being built at a separate facility in Brixworth.

“Using the hub that we have here, and the synergies that we’ll get with the chassis side, we’re the only team in Formula 1, other than Ferrari, to have the whole lot on one site,” he declared.

Horner explained that with Red Bull becoming self-sufficient with their F1 operations, they are accomplishing a feat that hasn’t been done for a long time now in the UK.

“You’ve got to go right back to Cosworth or Ilmor, before that,” he commented, and went on: “In terms of a team, building and manufacturing cars and engines, you’ve got to go back to the likes of BRM.

“It’s fantastic that Red Bull have made this commitment to the sport, they’ve made this commitment to the UK, and the talent that’s within the UK. We’re just grateful for the quality of people that we’re attracting to this project,” Horner insisted.

The 47-year old who became the youngest team principal in the history of F1 in 2005, admitted to the responsibility of growing the operations to include power unit designs and manufacturing, but is adamant that they will be successful with their new tasks should they apply the same work ethics they already implement now with their chassis work.

“We’re taking control of our own destiny,” he explained. “Of course, it’s more responsibility, it’s more work. But if you apply the same basics to making chassis as engines, it’s about the right people, the right equipment, the right approach and philosophy.

“We’ve demonstrated we can do it on the chassis side,” Honer went on. “A lot of people have written us off on the engine side already. ‘How could an energy drink [company] make a competitive engine?’ But that’s all the motivation we need to say, ‘Yeah, we can’. Time will tell,” he confidently concluded.

Red Bull are fighting for their first title double since 2013 when they concluding a 4-year dominance run with Sebastian Vettel at the wheel. They currently trail Mercedes by 36 points in the constructors’ standings, while their star driver Max Verstappen leads Lewis Hamilton by 6 points in the drivers’ championship with 6 races to go.