Brown: No excuses for McLaren come the 2024 season

zak brown mclaren

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has said that the “excuses” for not being title contenders end in 2024 when their new wind tunnel is complete.

The team have returned to competitiveness over the last few seasons after floundering towards the back of the field for much of the past decade.

McLaren finished third in the constructors’ championship last season and are currently third in the standings this year, while Lando Norris is third in the drivers’ championship.

While their resurgence has been uplifting, race wins and titles remain the goal and Brown highlighted 2024 as a time when they should be able to catch up with the bigger teams.

“It is always dangerous to pick a point in time in which you should be going for it,” he said.

“But what I would say is we will have caught up by 2024 with all of our infrastructure, most specifically the wind tunnel.

“Unfortunately, we are in one of the less technically developed wind tunnels and that is a huge disadvantage, so I think we will have no excuses come the 2024 season.

“I would like to think at that point the sport is going to be so competitive that there will be a variety of teams fighting for the championship. I would like to think we will be one of them.”

Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll recently said that it would take four to five years for his team to become a contender, a timeline that Brown said he could not comment on.

“I don’t know everything that they’ve got going on so it would be hard for me to comment on whether they can achieve it,” he added.

“He certainly seems to be very committed to his commentary about wanting wind tunnels and what he is spending.

“To win a world championship, you’re going to need a world championship driver in four to six years.

“But speaking about ourselves, we’re definitely in that timeline.”