saudi arabia grand prix

FIA and Formula 1 respond to Saudi Arabia situation

saudi arabia grand prix

In the wake of our reports highlighting the threat of terrorism during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend in December, Formula 1 and the FIA have responded by stating that “F1 would never go” to high security risk areas.

Following the publication of the piece, an F1 spokesperson responded: “Safety of F1 personnel and spectators is the paramount consideration always.

“Every promoter and host country devotes considerable resources and expertise to the planning and rehearsal of its security arrangements and F1 has a security team that reviews those arrangements in the planning stage.

“F1 would never go somewhere if it did not have confidence that the host government and its security agencies had the risks appropriately mitigated and under control.”

An FIA spokesperson added: “The FIA reiterates the statement of Formula 1 with regard to the paramount consideration of the safety of all personnel and spectators.

“The FIA, as it does in any country where it conducts events, relies upon the host country to provide for the safety and security of the event and those participating in and observing.

“The FIA has every confidence that the Saudi government and its agencies have both the technology and capability to ensure this safety and security.”

The first Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia is scheduled for the weekend of 3 to 5 December.

This piece was updated on March 6.