Green: It’s a privilege to have Aston Martin above the door


Aston Martin  have launched their challenger for the 2021 season. The new car, the Mercedes-powered AMR21, was conceived under the watchful eyes of the team’s experienced technical director Andrew Green.

Speaking during the launch event, Green expressed his feelings about the great transformation the team underwent over the winter. He said: “It is a great privilege to have the Aston Martin name above the door. It is a real ‘dream come true’ moment and it shows how far this team has come. It is definitely the most exciting chapter in the team’s history, without a doubt.”

He also explained his faith in his team and congratulated them on the job that they did over the winter.

“I am confident that the 500 fantastic men and women who design, manufacture, build, prepare and maintain our car will have done everything in their power to create a good one,” he said.

Green went on to manage expectations for the new season: “We all know how competitive Formula 1 is right now, and we certainly do not underestimate our opposition. We expect to be in the mix in the ‘best of the rest’ category from the start. We are ambitious yet realistic. But we intend to improve steadily, and our ultimate ambitions are limitless.

“In Formula 1 you never stop learning, and over the years we have learnt a lot,” he continued. 

Discussing the new car, he said: “The AMR21 is an expression of that never-ending learning curve. It is closely related to our 2020 car, but it as an all-new chassis. Regulation changes intended to reduce every team’s aerodynamic performance have also played a part, of course.”

The team will start their build-up towards the new season with a shakedown of the new car in Silverstone on Thursday, with the team’s drivers, four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel and Canadian Lance Stroll getting their first taste of the striking AMR21.