Sticchi Damiani: Monza cancellation is fake news

Italian Grand Prix organisers are expecting the race to go ahead as scheduled, albeit without fans, says Italian Automobile Club president Angelo Sticchi Damiani.

Responding to rumours that Monza had been axed from Formula 1’s modified 2020 calendar due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sticchi Damiani insisted that no such decision had been taken.

“We are convinced that Monza will still be there, although almost certainly behind closed doors,” he told Sky Sport 24. “We don’t realize why fake news came out about a possible absence on the calendar of the Italian Grand Prix.”

However as one of the two European countries worst-hit by the coronavirus, Sticchi Damiani concedes that it remains far from certain Italy will be ready for F1 by its current calendar date of September 6 .

“We don’t have a crystal ball to know what Italy will be like in early September. We hope this story will be over, we trust in a miracle.

“Today we are gearing up for a Grand Prix behind closed doors, this is our duty and we are working towards it. We gladly accept any miracle ”.

Since peaking with 6,557 new cases on March 21, Italy has managed to significantly slow the spread of the disease throughout the country, but there are still 105,235 active cases at the time of writing.