Hachigo: I want to win the 2020 F1 title with Red Bull

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo has declared that the Japanese carmaker is targeting the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship title amid uncertainty about the company’s commitment to the top-flight for 2021 and beyond.

Furthermore, interim Renault CEO Clotilde Delbos is considering pulling the French carmaker out, while Toto Wolff has declared that it is “not a given” that Mercedes will sign up for 2021.

And Red Bull’s Helmut Marko says he is expecting a decision about Honda’s 2021 commitment by Abu Dhabi.

Until then, Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo has set the target of winning the 2020 world championship.

“After our return to Formula 1 in 2015, we had four difficult years. It hurt us a lot,” Hachigo told the sports daily Lance. “This year we won our first race in Austria, and I am very pleased with that. We also won in Germany, while Daniil Kvyat came third.”

Hachigo is pleased with 2019 for other reasons, too. “At Suzuka, Naoki Yamamoto was allowed to do the practice session and it was a great moment for every Japanese. Now I want to win the world championship with Red Bull next year.”

That ambition will be music to Max Verstappen’s ears, as 2020 is his last opportunity to become the youngest ever world champion in F1 history.

“What do am I expecting from Honda? More power,” the Dutchman told De Telegraaf newspaper. “In terms of reliability, it’s gone very well. This year has been a breakthrough for them.

“They already have two victories, which was a massive boost for the entire company. Honda is certainly on the right track. In terms of engine, we are very close to Mercedes at the moment, so that is very positive for us,” Verstappen added.