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Alesi: Leclerc self-critical while Verstappen is not

The difference between Ferrari star Charles Leclerc and Red Bull ace Max Verstappen is the way they handle their mistakes which marks the difference between the sport’s latest superstars.

That is the view of Jean Alesi, who was asked by La Gazzetta dello Sport to consider the differences between F1’s hottest two young stars. It is true that they are different characters.”

“This could mean they grow in opposite directions. Charles always brings himself into the discussion – he is always critical of himself. Think of his mistakes in Baku and Hockenheim. He looks back on those errors, analyses them and then corrects himself,” Alesi added.

He says that is in contrast to Verstappen, who the former Ferrari driver said, “[He] often concludes that his problems lie with others. It is more difficult to grow as a driver with that approach.”

Big Question: Is Max vs Charles the Ayrton vs Alain of the next decade?