Ocon: I expect my phone to be very hot during the break

Esteban Ocon is expecting his mobile phone to be busy during the August break as Formula 1 takes a holiday as the sidelined Frenchman’s future is in the throes of being mapped.

Most of the rest of the F1 world will take a well-deserved break in August as the factories mandatorily shut dow, but Haas boss Gunther Steiner thinks Mercedes reserve Ocon is the key to the 2020 silly season, as he pushes to return to the grid next year.

With Mercedes’ assistance, the French driver is being promoted for potential seats at the works team, Renault, Racing Point, Haas and Williams.

“We will see what will happen with my future, I will have more answers after Budapest,” Ocon told the French broadcaster Canal Plus.

When asked about the forthcoming August break, Ocon answered: “There will be a lot of things going on for me. I expect my phone to be very hot during the summer break.”

“But as long as things are happening and people are talking about me, it’s a good thing. What I really hope for is a competitive car for next year.

“My dream has always been always to win races and championships, so I want to come back as soon as possible,” added Ocon.

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