Vettel: I have many questions for Schumi

Sebastian Vettel would tap into his mentor Michael Schumacher’s wealth of experience as the younger German finds himself entering a tense patch in his career with Ferrari where the great ‘Schumi’ made such a massive impact two decades ago.

Asked by Blick what he would ask Schumacher if he could, Vettel replied, “If he was healthy, I would have many questions for him, but not necessarily about my driving. More about things that take place behind the scenes.”


“Also about teamwork and politics in Formula 1. He has had a lot of experience during his time driving at Ferrari.”

Last month the four times F1 World Champion said in an interview last month, “Many times people confuse the fact I joined Ferrari as me trying to do something similar to Michael.”

“If we can go anywhere near what Michael achieved that would be a great success but times have changed and what lies behind us is not really what should drive us in the future,” added Vettel.