Fernando to Jimmie: You got any good ideas?

Nascar legend Jimmie Johnson and his F1 counterpart Fernando Alonso have taunted their collective fanbases on Twitter by releasing a cryptic media hinting at some sort of swap deal between the pair

Racing legends Fernando Alonso and Jimmie Johnson have teased their fanbases with a Twitter video exchange which features a scripted conversation between them.

The video (below) shows Alonso playing a game on his mobile when Johnson rings:

  • Johnson: “Sounds like you might have some free time on your hands.”
  • Alonso: “Yeah! Nothing is sorted yet. You got any good ideas?”
  • Johnson: “Always man… I’m always full of good ideas.”
  • Alonso: “Plenty of good stuff to do on your side of the pond, I think.”
  • Johnson: “But there’s also plenty cool stuff to do on your side of the pond.”
    (Background call to Jimmie from a crewman)
  • Johnson: “Hey buddy I gotta split and get in the car, I’ll give you a ring back and we’ll chat some more later.”
  • Alonso: “Okay, talk later. Bye Jimmie.”

At the end of the clip, the champions are shown in their respective McLaren F1 car and Hendrick Chevrolet Nascar, and as the video ends out pops: “Two Champions: To be continued…” ends the video.