Marchionne: I did not say we were leaving F1 in 2020


Ferrari big boss Sergio Marchionne has clarified his much-quoted comments that he will pull Ferrari out of Formula 1, confirming they would pull out if the ethos of the sport changes.

Marchionne said in an interview with Autocar, “I did not say we were leaving Formula 1 in 2020, but that if we cannot reconcile our differences then we will leave.”

“We’ve raced in Formula the longest of anyone. We understand the sport. It’s definitely hard to imagine F1 without Ferrari, so I sincerely hope we can go through.”

“We have been in dialogue with Liberty Media and I’m hopeful we will find a way and go forward by the end of this year. If it doesn’t you will hear about it!”

Last year Marchionne set a line in the sand with regards to Liberty Media and warned, “Formula 1 has something noble, it’s not a sport like any other, we want to help preserve that and it should not just be about business here.”

“If the sport is going in the right direction, then we are open to talk about everything. But if the sport is to become a kind of supermarket, then I’m not interested.”

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