slot machine tips and strategies

How to beat slot machines: Tips & Strategies

slot machine tips and strategies

In this report, for our Formula 1 readers interested in the best tips and strategies that can help you win more often and profitably when betting on slot machines.

Some time ago, roulette was considered the real queen of online casinos. However, new trends have forced land-based and virtual establishments to use slots. Among the regulars of such establishments, a logical and fair question began to arise: is it possible to win money in slot machines and how to do it with a minimum of time and money?

This review will focus on general and private recommendations, as well as effective tactics and strategies for playing slots that allow you to avoid losses and receive generous rewards and casino bonuses.

Tips on how to win at slots

In order to win at slots, for example, at online casinos with bonuses such as Stay casino 20 free spins, you need to follow a few basic principles. It should be noted right away that the principle of operation of any such system is a combination of random numbers. Many players are convinced that the form of the game is simple, but this is not entirely true, since it requires strategic thinking.

Winnings do not necessarily come quickly and easily, because you need to lose a considerable amount of money to get them. A random combination appears on the screen after each spin. The sequence of symbols cannot be changed, so each spin gives you the same chance to win.

There are several factors that determine the possibility of winning:

  • the amount of the bet placed;
  • the percentage of return that characterises the device;
  • the balance on the machine;
  • the presence or absence of a jackpot and a risk game;
  • the user’s personal limit;
  • the total number of lines with bets

General rules to beat slots at a VIP casino

It is not uncommon for one user to ‘fill up’ a slot machine with money and leave it without waiting for a win, and then another player approaches it and almost immediately receives a win. Such luck is not uncommon in virtual and land-based gambling clubs. However, it is not recommended to rely on ‘luck’, but rather to follow well-known tactics and strategies.

Speaking about the general rules to beat slots at a VIP casino, you need to consider the following points:

  • to get acquainted with the nuances of the device strategy, the secrets of their management and the main options, for this purpose, you should play for virtual chips and understand which slot is suitable and which scheme to use
  • take into account the frequency with which winning combinations fall out for a specific number of reel spins;
  • setting up a long-term game, tracking the frequency of winning combinations, free spins, and bonuses;
  • using all the opportunities provided by the algorithm, agreeing to all additional games, activating the received ‘goodies’;
  • abstaining strictly from the minimum bet, since it is set on a personal basis and depends on the amount of the deposit.

It is more than possible to win in online casino slot machines. The winning combination is based on personal feelings of the gameplay. All that is required from the player is regular play and analysis of the situation. The principles of adequate play with the procedure are presented below.

Play for fun, not for the sake of winning

Money is just a pleasant side effect of the game, not an end in itself. The gameplay should bring pleasure and light excitement, not irritation and frustration.

Read game reviews

It is impossible to beat casino slot machines without reading reviews on them. Descriptions are available on the official websites of developers, in virtual clubs, including the RB website.

Study the payout table

This is a comparison between the symbols that appear on the screen (their name and number) and the prizes they receive. With this approach, it is easy to make a forecast of losses and wins and know what to expect.

Practice on free games

Only experienced players can win money in slot machines and do it on a regular basis. Beginners are advised to test the demo mode to gain competence and subsequently win big. Experts do not recommend staying in demo versions for a long time; it is better to place real bets and train on your own mistakes.

Use free spins

Spins are awarded to players for getting a winning combination. They can be scrolled without bets, which means that you can win money without making a deposit. Economical and educational.

Choose slots with high returns

The RTP indicator, which stands for Return to player, plays a role. This is the percentage that is returned with losses back. For example, if a player invested 1000 rubles and lost 100 rubles, they will get back 90%, this is the RTP parameter.

Avoid progressive slots

There are several reasons to make this decision:

  • negative value of the expectation of results, because there is a risk of going into the red at the distance;
  • the margin of the gambling club, even if the chances of winning reach 50%, the odds may not be suitable for the user;
  • dependence on the result of previous rounds, which will lead to several failures in a row;
  • limits on the maximum betting parameters, which sometimes leads to the inability to cover their own losses;
  • the psychological factor, as many players have difficulties analysing events and controlling their emotions when exceeding a certain bet.

These are not all the reasons, but they are the main ones and deserve special attention.

Determine the volatility of slots

The strategy of playing slot machines involves taking into account such a significant parameter as volatility. In simple terms, it is a risk inherent in the gameplay. Most often, players say that a slot is volatile or not volatile. This means that in the first case, it gives generous winnings, but sometimes takes a lot of bets. An alternative explanation is variance.

Do not play with your last money

You should decide on the ‘budget’ in advance and allocate the amount that you don’t mind losing. It is unreasonable to invest the last money in slots with the expectation that it will be returned and the deposits will be recouped.

Winning schemes and strategies

There are numerous strategies for betting on slots, and the player’s task is to choose the best solution. Each slot has its own strategy, but there are general schemes that will allow you to get as close to winning as possible.

Single game

In this game, one bet is applied throughout the day in the case of a progressive jackpot. The final result does not play a role. Using the approach in question, you can save money and not go into the red by playing many times and hoping to win.

Standard deviations

This approach involves the use of a progressive equation to identify the best probabilities of winning for a particular device. All a player needs to do is to be patient and concentrate on winning, and in this case, high returns are guaranteed. The key is to follow the basic instructions:

  • search for a slot characterised by ‘equal payouts’, i.e. a device that provides a multiple of the number of coins placed on a particular line;
  • determination of the standard number of spins between winning combinations by pressing the slot machine button until a win is obtained;
  • calculating the average number of spins between wins.

This strategy is a classic and universal one, so it is followed by many players who want to win money without losing their own funds.

Fixed maximum payouts

A number of slots have a fixed cap, while some machines have progressive jackpots and counters that increase the total value without paying out prizes. The more people who take part in the game, the higher the final winning amount. Such games have high returns and are popular with consumers, but they are connected, so the final chance of winning is small.

Games with the smallest jackpots

To increase the probability of winning within a short period of time, you should pay attention to the directions that provide for the minimum jackpot. The smaller their sum, the easier it is to win. The formation of large values requires a serious investment of time, so the probability of remaining in the win is minimal. It is worth noting that this chance is even lower on modern devices.

Parlay system

In case of a loss, the bet size is slightly reduced. In turn, when you win, it is doubled. It is not recommended to deviate from the scheme, otherwise there is a significant risk of losing.

Parlay system

The pyramid system

Regardless of the outcome of the last game, a gambler starts with the formation of a minimum bet and gradually moves to the maximum mark. After that, they do the opposite, creating a kind of pyramid.

The High-Low system

It is similar to the pyramid strategy, but in this case, the player is offered alternate bets. Such schemes work on devices that do not offer a progressive jackpot.

Martingale system

This system is simple and easy to use. The essence of the scheme is that a loss results in a doubling of the bet.

As you can see, it is not difficult to place winning bets. The main thing is to follow the sequence within any strategy and act according to the instructions.

Along with the above schemes, there are plus-minus strategies with alternating bets of $1, $5, etc., and zig-zag strategies with the search for a slot that can give out a jackpot. The ‘level 60’ system is also popular. In this system, you need to leave the game when you win or lose 60% of the bank, and ‘play and run’, when you need to spend no more than 5-10 minutes in a row at the gaming table (and sessions, respectively).

  1. Are there any secrets to winning at slot machines?

There are no specific secrets to a profitable game, but there are general rules that allow you to lose less and win more money.

  1. Are there winning combinations in slot machines?

Each casino has a number of specific symbols that must appear in order for a player to receive money.

  1. Which slots are the best to play to win at a casino?

Several criteria apply to slots that you need to play in order to win all the time (or sometimes): relevance, reliability, return, and volatility.