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Smedley: Hamilton will lift every area of Ferrari

Marko: Hamilton to Ferrari excellent for F1 better than Netflix

Smedley: Hamilton will lift every area of Ferrari

Helmut Marko claims Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari move in 2025 will have a great effect on Formula 1, even better than that of Netflix’ Drive to Survive.

Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari in 2025 took everyone by surprise, especially Toto Wolff his Mercedes team boss, and Red Bull’s Helmut Marko was no exception.

However, Marko would not miss the chance to take a swipe at Mercedes, and believes Hamilton may have solid reasons for leaving Mercedes, probably signs that the eight-time F1 Constructors’ Champions are weakening.

In an interview with oe24, the Hamilton-to-Ferrari move was discussed, Marko revealing: “That completely surprised me too, a sporting sensation – especially the timing.

“One wonders how this came about,” the Austrian added. “Mercedes was overtaken by Ferrari in the second half of 2023, and McLaren was also faster. Maybe Hamilton noticed something that the outside world doesn’t yet know.”

Marko insists Hamilton leaving Mercedes will have no effect whatsoever on Red Bull, even when it comes to Max Verstappen being approached to replace Hamilton.

Hamilton leaving will weaken Mercedes

He said: “That [Hamilton to Ferrari] doesn’t change anything for us, except that I see it as weakening Mercedes. Whether it strengthens Ferrari remains to be seen.

“Overall, this has an incredible impact, right down to the stock market prices. It’s great that something is happening.”

And while Verstappen believes Hamilton’s final season with Mercedes will be an awkward one, Marko had his own view on the situation within the Brackley camp.

“That’s true,” he responded when asked if Hamilton’s final Mercedes season will be exciting to watch.

“Normally, in a situation like this, your mind is already more focused on the new team. The current team cannot let him take part in any serious innovations because he would of course take them with him.

“The whole thing is excellent for F1, better than Netflix,” Marko concluded.

However it’s worth mentioning that watching Red Bull in 2024 will also be exciting as well for a couple of reasons. The positive one is the anticipation around the team’s RB20, a car that surprised everyone with its dramatic evolution compared to it predecessor.

There is also the negative reason, and that is related to Christian Horner’s investigation and the outcome. Whether Horner remains in his job or not, it would interesting to see how Red Bull’s 2024 season pans out.