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Parc Ferme: The Red Bull Driver Dilemma

Marko: Red Bull endeavoring to have fair Horner investigation

Parc Ferme: The Red Bull Driver Dilemma

Dr. Helmut Marko defended Red Bull for taking a long time investigating the “inappropriate behavior” claims regarding Christian Horner, claiming they aim at being fair.

The “Horner situation” at Red Bull Racing has been ongoing for a while now, and while some expected it to be concluded ahead of the launch of the team’s 2024 Formula 1 car, the RB20.

But that was not the case, and Horner attended the launch, denying the allegations against him and insisting it was business as usual for him, revealing he would also be present at pre-season testing in Bahrain on Wednesday, February 21.

And indeed, as Horner is now making his way to Bahrain, the investigation is yet to be concluded, and the Red Bull Racing boss’ future in his position is still not concluded.

While Formula 1 have issued a statement urging Red Bull to concluded the matter at the earliest, the latter are still taking their time, and Marko sees that as the best way to deal with the investigation.

Speaking to Red Bull’s ServusTV Marko commented: “As you know, this is an internal investigation . The sooner a result is available, the better because of course, rumours and other stories are bound to sprout due to the long duration.

“[But] I think Red Bull has reacted very well in this matter. The long duration of this investigation is not their fault. They are endeavoring to [have] a fair investigation and then react accordingly,” the Austrian concluded.

Marko has previously insisted that he would not share his opinion about Horner’s investigation so long as the investigation is not concluded.