Red Bull's success costs them $10.6 Million

Red Bull’s success costs them $10.6-Million

Red Bull's success costs them $10.6 Million

Max Verstappen’s record-setting 2023 Formula 1 campaign is going to result in a record-setting entry fee for his Red Bull team for next season.

Verstappen claimed his third F1 World Championship and racked up a record 19 victories in 22 races this year. With Red Bull also claiming the 2023 F1 Constructors’ Championship, the team is facing a Formula 1 entry fee of more than $10-Million for the 2024 season.

The figure is based on F1 regulations that include a weighted fee for teams and their drivers based on the previous year’s performance.

By accumulating 860 points this year, Red Bull’s 2024 fee is projected to be $10.6-Million – up from the $9.49-Million the powerhouse team paid in 2023. The majority of that was “earned” by Verstappen, who accumulated a record 575 points. Teammate Sergio Perez finished second with 285.

Meanwhile, Mercedes saw its fee reduced despite finishing second in the F1 Constructors’ Championship because it accumulated fewer total points than in 2022.

According to, the biggest percentage increase belongs to Aston Martin. After paying just over $1.46-Million for its 2023 entry, the team is facing a rise to $3.57-Million for next year – an increase of 244 percent.

On the flip side is Haas, which finished last in the championship race. The American team’s fee will decrease 18 percent to just under $1.29-Million.

In all, the FIA will bring in $34 million in entry fees for the 2024 season. (Reuters)

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