las vegas grand prix graphic formula 1 in america

2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix: Revving Up for Glory

las vegas grand prix graphic formula 1 in america

As the twinkling bright lights are ready to shine on the fast-paced world of Formula 1, the excitement for the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix is approaching fever pitch. The excitement of high-speed racing will be combined with the glitz and glamour unique to this latest addition to the F1 calendar

This Grand Prix promises to be an unforgettable show for anybody watching, whether for the thrill of the race or the challenge of calculating the odds.

The Formula One Grand Prix of Las Vegas is a high-stakes game of speed, talent, and strategy, not just another race. We’ve seen a fair share of races, but Las Vegas always has an element of surprise. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting event, from the course layout to the predicted podium finishers.

Driver Success: The Path to Victory at the Las Vegas GP

The regular suspects will be examined as potential winners. Both the current leaders and the up-and-coming challengers will attempt to take the crown. Learning and adjusting fast will be just as important as experience on this new circuit.

The key to winning in Sin City will be striking the correct blend of ferocity and accuracy. Those drivers who can retain their composure under the bright Vegas lights while taking their vehicles to the limit will have the best chance of winning. It’s not just about raw velocity; it’s about the elegance with which they handle the situation.

Las Vegas GP Odds

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - NOVEMBER 05: Fans view a Red Bull car at the fan fest during the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 launch party on November 05, 2022 on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan - Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

The short odds on Verstappen are a reflection of his supremacy, but there may be better value in the middle of the pack, where drivers like Leclerc, Alonso, and even Norris may cause upsets. Given Ferrari’s impressive performance on street courses so far this season, Sainz or Leclerc might pull off an upset under the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Here’s how the top five candidates stack up as we dig into the complex world of Las Vegas Grand Prix best UK bookmaker recommendations:

  • Max Verstappen 1/4
  • Lando Norris 10/1
  • Lewis Hamilton 14/1
  • Sergio Perez 16/1
  • Charles Leclerc 20/1

Las Vegas GP Leading Contenders

Based on the current season’s results, several drivers have emerged as possible favourites for the Las Vegas Grand Prix. These racecar drivers have repeatedly proven their ability to master unfamiliar courses and remain calm under the intense strain of high-stakes competition.

Those drivers who have done well on street courses this year are ones to keep an eye on. They’ll do well in Sin City because of their adeptness in tight turns and directional shifts. In addition, teams with a history of developing novel racing strategies and making speedy pit stops can have an advantage.

Max Verstappen has been the season’s top performer, and his string of victories has earned him the Drivers’ Championship for the third time in his career. The upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix will give Verstappen yet another chance to show off his skills.

After his record-breaking season, Verstappen is ready to take on any competition head-on. The odds are stacked in his favour, mirroring the invincibility of his form.

Las Vegas Grand Prix: The Circuit

las vegas grand prix f1 track map

The Las Vegas course is an engineering wonder, with both challenging technical portions and high-speed straights that will test the boundaries of the vehicles.

Drivers should be able to put their foot down immediately because the track’s surface is predicted to be smooth and have strong grip levels. Teams need a solid tyre strategy since the desert temperature might cause unexpected changes.

The track’s highlight is the high-speed stretch that takes drivers past some of the world’s most recognisable casinos. This will provide a visually arresting backdrop and present a new and exciting challenge for the drivers as they race through the neon signs at high speeds.

The course of the race will cut through the city’s centre, but what will we see along the way?

The race will run 50 laps; the track is 3.8 miles long with 17 turns. Based on the F1 2023 computer game, realistic lap timings are estimated to be approximately 90 seconds.

Turn 1 is a tight left turn that veers out to the left through Turn 2, then curves to the right through Turns 3 and 4, and then opens up onto a straightaway of medium length.

After a sharp right at Turn 5, the track enters a series of tight turns, including a chicane, that requires drivers to take it easy. This is near the Sphere, a recently constructed landmark where events and concerts are easily identifiable.

Drivers will slither through turns 10-12 in the direction of the Strip, where they will blast down Las Vegas Boulevard in all its grandeur, bending slightly at the flat-out Turn 13, and roaring past world-famous hotels like the Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio, and the Venetian.

Before the final straight and a second flat-out Turn 17 before the checkered flag, drivers will be slowed down by Turns 14 through 16.

F1 Las Vegas: When and where

Race weekend practice in Las Vegas. The green flag waves at 6 a.m. UK time. The whole itinerary for the rest of the event is listed below, including hours for practice and qualifying:

Day: Friday, November 17

  • How to Watch: 4 a.m., Sky Sports F1
  • First morning session: 4:30 A.M.
  • Practice 2: 8 A.M.

Day: Saturday, November 18

  • On Sky Sports F1 beginning at 4:15am
  • Third practice: 4:30am

Las Vegas Grand Qualifying

  • At 7 a.m. on Sky Sports F1
  • Qualifying time: 8 A.M.

Las Vegas Grand Prix

  • Date: Sunday, November 19
  • Starting at 4:30 a.m. on Sky Sports F1
  • Race Time: 6 A.M.