verstappen qayar 2023 pole

Qatar Qualifying: Top Three Drivers Quotes

verstappen qayar 2023 pole

For several minutes in Parc Ferme after Friday’s qualifying, for Sunday’s Qatar Grand Prix, apart from Max Verstappen claiming his tenth pole position of the season it was confusion all around regarding P2 and P3.

At first, it was McLaren’s Lando Norris, but then he was sent backwards with after it was found he infringed track limits. His teammate thought he was third and even went through his parc ferme post-qualy interview, until he was told he too had infringed track limits.

Hence it was a pleasantly surprised, albeit bemused George Russell who found himself to be second on the night and thus will line up on the front row of the grid in P2 next to Verstappen, with teammate Lewis Hamilton heading row two in third.


This is what the top three had to say after the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix Qualifying session today at Lusail Circuit.

P1: Max Verstappen: I want to win on Sunday

Verstappen interviewed in parc ferme: “Great start to the weekend. It’s quite tricky out there with the new tarmac. It still needs to rubber in. Very peaky grip. As soon as you overpush, the rear steps out. Of course very happy to be on pole, it’s been a good day for us.

“I want to win on Sunday. We put it on pole and naturally, you want to win the race but let’s make sure tomorrow we have a good day. I think the car is quick. Tomorrow it’s going to be a bit more difficult to get the tyres ready to work well with the tyres. It’s a great start to the weekend and the car is working well. That’s all I can hope for really.”

Verstappen in the RBR team report: “I’m very happy to be on pole. The tarmac was quite slippery so I was really having to build up lap after lap, but I think we were in a good window and we were improving quite nicely through each run. I think we also made the right calls after FP1 heading into qualifying.

“Tomorrow will be interesting, with the different session times and temperatures, but let’s see what we can do. Overall though, I think we can all be happy with the performance of the car today.”

P2 George Russell: I am very happy with P2 today min qualifying

Russell in parc ferme: “Really tricky day for everybody. New tarmac, really slippery, very windy here. We went out in qualifying and the lap times were just immense compared to this morning. I’m really happy with P3 (P2).

“I think we did a bit better than expected. The McLarens look quick. We know Red Bull and Max are in a league of their own. Our fight is with Ferrari and we need to be consistent.”

Russell in the team report: “FP1 was really challenging. The grip was low, and it was really windy. It was very dusty and sandy on the track. When we went out in qualifying, the track temperature had dropped, and the wind had calmed.

“The lap times had improved massively. The car felt good throughout the session, and I’m pleased with where we finished. It’s great to have Lewis behind me in P3 now. We can be strategic and work together. We’ve got our sights set on a strong result on Sunday, especially with both the McLarens and the Ferraris behind us. We know we’re going to have a fight on our hands as they will be quick.”

“It’s fair to say that the Grand Prix will be a completely different story if this track evolution continues. We’re going to have to learn on the job, but the F1 Sprint will give us a good indication of tyre wear and what the likely best strategy will be. We’re looking forward to tomorrow.”

P3: Lewis Hamilton: A good surprise and positive for the team

Hamilton in the TV pen: “Not massively satisfied. It’s just great for the team to be on the first two rows. Difficult at the beginning of the session, tricky conditions out there with the wind.

“Ultimately, a pretty average session for me. I’m going to give it everything and try and bag those points. It’s great we are ahead of the Ferraris which is key.”

Hamilton in the team report: “Qualifying is always difficult and today was a pretty average session for me. It was quite windy out there and difficult at the beginning. We nearly didn’t get out of Q1 but fortunately we managed it. We were then right up there in Q2 which was encouraging.

“We’ve been a little bit surprised by our pace here today. It’s a good surprise and positive for the team. Being on the front two rows of the grid is clearly a good result. It’s important that we are ahead of both Ferraris and that is really key.

“George also did a great job today. I’m going to be giving it everything to try and bag the most points we can on Sunday.”