Norris: McLaren leaning on me more

Norris: McLaren leaning on me more

Norris: McLaren leaning on me more
Lando Norris revealed that McLaren are now depending on his feedback a bit more, being the more experienced driver after rookie Oscar Piastri joined the team for 2023.

The current Formula 1 season is Norris’ fifth with McLaren, and with 87 grands prix under his belt, he can now be considered an experienced driver, despite being only 23 years old.

With Oscar Piastri, a rookie, replacing Daniel Ricciardo at the team for 2023, that would make Norris a veteran compared to his new teammate, making him the de facto leader within the team.

Norris has previously admitted that Piastri is pushing him on track, and recently reflected on the dynamics within the team while comparing it to the time Ricciardo was his teammate.

“It’s a good vibe,” Norris said, quoted by “What’s it like? Honestly, just as a genuine answer, it’s not too different.

Dynamic with Piastri not different from Ricciardo

“I think how I worked last year, and how I worked with Daniel, it’s not too different. [It’s] not like too many things change.

“Maybe they lean on me a little bit more for the knowledge of how we were in previous years, to look at the development from last year to this year and things like that,” he revealed.

“But apart from that, you both give your sides of the feelings and the story of what’s going on to the car, what you want from the car – which aligns very well.

“I wouldn’t say we have the same driving style, but our comments and complaints are generally always the same. So, I think that’s a good thing,” Norris maintained.

As for his new teammate; he said: “He’s a lovely guy, down to earth, normal guy, hard worker and so on. So, it’s good, fun.

“Different, I guess to Daniel. I feel like a bit of a contrast of Australian but still good fun,” the Briton concluded.