RED MIST: Sorry Mattia, Rosberg is 100% right

RED MIST: Sorry Mattia, Rosberg is 100% right

RED MIST: Sorry Mattia, Rosberg is 100% right

We must salute how loyal old Binotto is to our people, how he defends our beloved Scuderia against Rosberg’s rant, how he stands by us and protects us. We love that.

But Capo, not only is Rosberg right, but he’s even better qualified than you to call us out! He really is.

To fill in the blanks, we were pondering how to put this week’s Red Mist, after yet another weekend of utter disappointment and dejection.

We never even deserved that podium, to be honest. So, to carry on about how we cocked this one up doesn’t even matter. Horror of horrors, Mercedes has now passed us. We’re no longer even the second fastest team. We are now third, and useless to boot.

Binotto: It is easy to criticize

Anyway, we digress. Mattia Binotto has of course reacted to Nico Rosberg’s comments on Sky TV on Sunday. “Oh my goodness,” Nico said dizzy and wide eyed when asked about Ferrari‘s Dutch pitstops. “Mattia Binotto keeps saying ‘No, no, we don’t need to make any changes, everything is going well’. When is the day coming?

“It’s not possible – even Formula 2 or Formula 3 teams do a better job at their strategy and pitstops than Ferrari,” Rosberg added. “You go to the pits and there’s no tyre there in a normal race? At some point they really need to start making some changes.”

Clearly irked by Nico’s comments, Binotto on Monday ranted: “First, I think it is so easy to speak when you are outside. It is easy to criticise.” Really, Capo?

Sure, Nico is on the outside. But is he not a former Formula 1 World Champion? Indeed, he is! Nico Rosberg has been there, done that. He did so with the best of the best. And that places him perfectly to comment when something has to change.

“But we will not change people: that is my answer to Rosberg,” Binotto insisted. “We have got great people and it has been proven that what is more important in sport is stability and that we make sure we are improving day-by-day and race-by-race.”

‘Improve’ has a different meaning to Binotto

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Goodness gracious, that’s a big word, Capo. “Improve.” Clearly you have no cooking clue what it means? Allow me to try to define it… “Improve” by definition means, “make, or become better”.

To “improve” is “to develop, to increase in capacity by education or experience”, or “to achieve or produce something better than”.

There must be 40 good “improve” synonyms too. From: make better, to better and ameliorate, to upgrade, refine, enhance, boost or build upon. How about to revamp, to brush up, polish or perk up, tweak, give a facelift, or to just get better?

What about, to advance, to progress, or develop ,or make headway? Or to come along, or make progress? Or even better, to improve means, to take steps forward, to pick up, to rally, to make strides or to just look up.

Any of that fit our Ferrari performance of late, Mr. Binotto?

If you think so, then you’re clearly demented. In fact, the antonyms, or words of the opposite meaning of improve, far better define our Ferrari today under you. Words like worsen, impair or deteriorate.

Sadly sir, neither improve, nor any one of its synonyms in any way fits us at Ferrari right now. We are the laughingstock. A disgrace. The butt of regurgitated old Italian jokes, many of them sadly racist by nature. Yes, you’re making us all look like fools.

Binotto: We have great people in the team

ferrari pitwall clowns

Binotto goes on: “We have got great people in the team, and I have no doubt on that. It takes years and experience for all teams to be at the front, and I think there is no reason why it should be different for ourselves.”

That’s also a pretty interesting analogy. Ferrari has been there longer than any other team, has it not? We have one of, if not the biggest F1 budget. Never mind, our cars and drivers ARE at the front.

It’s just that the same useless people on the pit wall keep on making the same useless mistakes. Week in, week out, just about every race week. And all you ever do is to cover all their and your collective useless asses at any and every given opportunity.

You are making idiots of us all, Binotto. And Nico Rosberg is far from wrong. He is one hundred percent right: At some point we really, really need to start making changes.