Tech Draft: Ranking F1 constructors after Round 2 of 2022

The highest-paid Formula 1 drivers

Tech Draft: Ranking F1 constructors after Round 2 of 2022

Formula 1, the Pinnacle of Motorsport, the Grand Circus, big business – a sport with many names, but the essence is the same. The history of these competitions is rich, although this sport appeared not so long ago compared to other types of sports.

It is the championship in circuit racing, which is held annually and consists of 22 Grand Prix tounds. At the end of each season, the winners in the individual and teams standings are determined.

The driver who takes first place in the individual competition is awarded the title of F1 world champion, and the team – the Constructors’ Cup. The worldwide popularity of F1. The pinnacle of motorsports is watched by millions, and the racetracks hosting the Grand Prix gather hundreds of thousands of people.


Many people have watched the race and do not even think about how much money can get drivers going on the track. Let’s look at Formula 1’s highest-paid drivers.

Mercedes seven times F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton earns $53-million per year

British driver Lewis Hamilton is the first black champion of this title and the second athlete after Michael Schumacher to win seven championship titles in this series of races. At the beginning of 2021, he signed a one-year contract with Mercedes, and at the end of March, he celebrated his first victory of the season.

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Hamilton became champion in his second season in the top flight and became one of the highest-paid Formula 1 drivers, but his next title was preceded by six years, a squad change, the rejection of star partners, and a change in outlook.

DTF Magazine in 44 facts tells how, by the age of 36, the racer managed to go from socialite to a favorite of brands and the public and become the main marketing asset of the fastest (at least for now) F1 team. Over the years, Hamilton has earned about $480-million.

He earns currently $53-million per year on a contract with “Mercedes,” and after that, he can be safely called the highest-paid F1 driver.

Red Bull driver and reigning F1 World Champion Max Verstappen is on $55-million per year

Formula 1 Verstappen: Interesting to see track updates in Melbourne

For comparison, we can take Hamilton’s rival – Max Verstappen (Red Bull) racer. On his accounts, 7 times less – $ 58 million. Red Bull has announced that Max Verstappen will continue to represent the command until at least 2028.

Max signed a 3 + 2 deal: three seasons (starting in 2024) with the option of an extension for 2027-2028. Verstappen will receive 40 m. euros a year (more than 44 m.dollars) without bonuses.

At the end of 2026, the wages will rise to 50 million euros (over $55 million), and it is the highest salary. It should also be noted that the 10 richest racers includes Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez.

Spanish star Fernando Alonso is reportedly earning $25-million per season with Alpine

Another current driver, whose bank accounts were largely provided by “McLaren” and “Ferrari”. Like Kimi, Fernando can not say goodbye to the competitive spirit, and a new contract with Alpin allows Alonso to replenish his bank account.

The Spaniard is loved by his numerous sponsors, and he is actively promoting his own clothing brand Kimoa. He is also fond of gambling, which is a small part of his income. You can also choose best paying online casino, just like Fernando. Maybe this is your path to success.

By the end of 2021, Fernando Alonso’s capital is $ 220 million. He is one of the highest-paid drivers. He surpasses its nearest competitor Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo), by more than half a million.

Daniel Ricciardo is Australia’s finest and is said to be banking $20-million from McLaren

F1 daniel ricciardo cota texas

Daniel Ricciardo is an Australian driver who has been a driver since 2011. In 2019 – 2020 played for Renault. Since 2021, he has been playing for McLaren. British Formula 3 champion in 2009, twice bronze medalist of the F1 – in 2014 and 2016.

It is also interesting that Ferrari leader Charles Leclerc and McLaren recruit Ricciardo will earn equally – both will receive a little more than 10 million for performances. Thus, both riders together will receive less than one Lewis per season. (for 2021)

Sebastian Vettel is banking $15-million per annum from Aston Martin

Formula 1Aston Martin confirm Vettel will race in Melbourne

It is very strange that the estimate of the money of the four-time world champion is rather modest, who received a huge salary at Ferrari and at the same time is not famous for expensive purchases or a chic lifestyle.

One way or another, Seb continues to increase his capital: his new three-year contract with Aston Martin and F1 driver salaries is estimated at $ 15 million, although if Vettel continues to act as inexpressive, then this agreement will probably be the last for the German in F1.

Other noteworthy big earners in F1

The Australian Grand Prix is ​​one of the stages of Formula One. Since 1996 and now runs in the Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – one of the stages of Formula One, the first race on the track, built on the artificial island of Yas, was held in the 2009 season.

In addition to the stars who have already achieved great results, this time the competition will be attended by other participants who deserve attention, it is – Lance Stroll (Aston Martin), Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, Esteban Ocon. If your favorite is one of those names, you can make a successful bet with F1 betting info.

However, the fact that I did not call them stars is, of course, a big mistake because they have proved that they are worth their place on the track. They have repeatedly won regional championships, or are champions. However, it is not yet the main prize of life, but who knows how things will turn out.


The main problem: in Formula 1 driver salaries, it is still not customary to share information about their capital. All data is unofficial and based on insiders, assumptions, leaks, and expert opinions. Complicated driver contracts make it hard to tell where team salaries end and sponsors, both team and personal, begin.

Following the budget cap, there will be a separate cap on F1 driver salaries (they are currently not subject to budget caps). This has long been practiced in the NHL, NBA, and other American leagues, from which Formula 1 copies its budgetary restrictions. In the meantime, it remains to continue to compare different unofficial ratings.