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How to Bet on Auto Racing: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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Auto racing is one of the most popular sports betting options provided by betting sites. Even though people enjoy horse races, auto racing is different.

Buzz and the vibe of motor car racing is one of its kind. Be it Formula 1, IndyCar, or Nascar, the excitement that comes with auto racing is unmatchable. The bright-coloured super-fast cars can grab a gambler’s attention real quick. Not just that, but the winning opportunities are also great in motor car racing.

Are you new to auto car racing but want to win? We get you! We have created this special guide to help you learn how to bet on auto racing.

This post will share all about auto racing types, strategies, gambling sites, etc. So without wasting any further time, dive in!

Definition of Auto Racing Betting

Auto racing betting is when you place your wagers on a motor racing game. Yes, it is different from other sports like football or basketball, but some aspects of putting the stakes stay the same. For instance, in auto racing, too, you can place bets on which driver will win the game.

The odds are based on the chances of a driver winning the game. Such odds are usually given in fraction form, like 3/2. On the other hand, odds for matchup betting in auto racing are given in the American format, like -112/+112.

What Are NASCAR, F1, and IndyCar?

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NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Racing, is a popular American auto racing series founded in 1948. It organizes several auto racing series like the Xfinity Series, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, and the Camping World Truck Series.

On the other hand, IndyCar was founded in 1905 and featured more open-wheel car racing championships. It also organizes four series globally.

Lastly, F1 or Formula 1 was founded in 1950. This series features the fastest racing cars from the best auto engineers worldwide. They also hire the best drivers for the contest, making it more fun.

Even though they look more or less similar, the fundamental aspects are slightly different. For instance, the visuals of these three championships are various, and one can easily spot that while watching the game. Other than that, the rules of the games are also different.

The various regulations of vehicles and their parts make the series unique

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The first most visible difference is the cars being driven in the race. While NASCAR features more sedan-styled motor vehicles, IndyCar and F1 focus more on the open cockpit and open-wheel cars.

NASCAR cars are also the heaviest of all, weighing around 1,474 kg, double the weight of the vehicles driven in the other two games.

Besides their weights, the engines used in the cars also differ. IndyCars used 2.2 lt. V-6 engines, whereas F1 cars use 1.6 lt. V-6 engines. NASCAR cars use a bigger 5.86 lt. V-8 engine.

Besides the differences between the vehicles used, the length of the match also differs. The NASCAR match runs for the longest and F1 the shortest. NASCAR also holds more matches in one season than the other two series.

However, these slight differences do not take away the fun of the games. They all are equally entertaining, and bettors love staking on these games!

Types of Racing Bets

Champion Max Verstappen of Netherlands and Red Bull Racing celebrates on the podium with second placed Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP, third placed Carlos Sainz of Spain

There are several types of wagers that a bettor can stake on. People new to auto racing gambling often do not know about the various types of bets and keep wagering on the same types repeatedly.

Suppose you have been there because now you can learn about the kinds of stakes and how to bet on auto racing. Keep reading to learn more about the types of bets in auto racing betting!

Race Winner

This type of bet is the most popular among punters. Here, you need to bet on the driver simply. If the driver you choose can finish the game first, you win; otherwise, you lose. The favorites usually have lower odds than those drivers who have the actual winning potential. Gamblers bet on that odd more as the odds grow bigger for the driver with less chance of winning. If that driver wins, the gamblers are up for a huge win!


Future bets are the next popular choice of gamblers. The odds for future bets vary for each race, and most of them are on the NASCAR Cup Series. The NASCAR odds are comparatively more even than the F1 odds because here, the drivers mostly do win the future bets as stated by the odds.

Head to Head or Driver Matchups

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Here, you need to bet on driver matchups. This wagering option is great for competitive gamblers who enjoy the thrill of auto racing. If you have placed bets on football or basketball odds before, understanding this wager will be very easy.

Podium Finish

When you place a podium finish bet on a player, you predict them to be placed on the top three podium winners. If they are placed within the top 3 players, you win!

Top 6 Finish

This type of bet is similar to a podium finish, just that the player here needs to be placed within the top 6 winners of the match. If your prediction is right, you win the bet!

Winning Margin

Here, you need to guess the gap between the winner and the runner-up over or under a certain time mark. For instance, you’ll lose if you bet over 7.5 seconds, but they meet the gap within 6 seconds.

Prop Bets

Besides these significant betting options, a few more prop bets that you get are:

  • Flags bets
  • Winning nationality of the driver
  • Winning constructor
  • Fastest lap
  • Favorite vs. field
  • The first retirement of the race

Betting Strategies for Auto Racing Wagering

Auto Racing Betting Lando Norris, McLaren MCL35M, in the pits

Sports betting auto racing is easy if you have a few expert strategies. Some auto racing betting tips that you must keep in mind while placing your wagers are:

Bet on multiple drivers at once. Then, even though it will reduce your winning amount, you will be on the safer side.

When placing bets on multiple drivers, keep your bet amount small for each driver. Betting huge funds on multiple drivers can bring you heavy losses.

Calculate your risks well before placing bets. Once you have placed your bets, there’s no going back. Hence, doing your research before betting is advisable.

Take driver’s teammate into consideration as well while placing the bets.

Selecting the Best Site for Auto Racing Betting

Now that you know how to gamble on auto racing, you should also know how to choose the right sports betting site. Here are some tips:

  • Check the customer reviews
  • See if the site has a legal gambling license
  • The site must offer secure payment options
  • The platform should have enough auto racing game options
  • The odds must be straightforward
  • The site should have an easy layout
  • Must have a good customer support
  • The platform should be full of lucrative bonuses

Final Word

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That’s all you need to know about waging money responsibly on auto racing. Make sure you learn the rules of the games properly before gambling. When you know the rules, you can place bets more confidently and have higher winning chances.

Auto racing is one sport where the gamblers do not get bored that easily. There are many betting opportunities here, and you can also grab huge wins with a few simple strategies and tricks.

If you are new to auto racing betting, then we are sure you can learn the right strategies within a few weeks. But make sure you follow responsible rules to stay away from getting drowned in debt. So when are you planning to check your luck and knowledge on auto racing? Do not forget to check with us!

Author’s Bio: Rebecca Martin has been a gambling enthusiast for over a decade now. She loves spreading knowledge on various sports betting opportunities. Her tips and tricks can help anyone become a more skilled gambler in no time. She takes pride in sharing her understanding of the gambling industry in the form of interactive blogs!