The need for technology in auto repair shops

The need for technology in auto repair shops

The need for technology in auto repair shops

It’s quite the irony to see that while vehicles are one of the most progressive forms of technology, many auto repair shops still harbor inertia for technology in their business processes.

Today, we explore the top benefits and reasons why auto shops need to adopt technologies as soon as possible, to stay ahead of the game. While many people are aware of the many benefits of technology, they don’t realize the true potential technology holds for automotive repair shops.

Why should automotive repair shops opt for technology?

If auto shops and auto mechanics want to stand out from the competition and amp up their profits, then modern technology is the answer.

Up next, we explore some of the reasons why automobile repair shops should opt for technology and how it can help.

Boosting efficiency and productivity

Technology is no stranger when it comes to boosting productivity. By automating various tasks like client scheduling, invoicing, payment processing and record-keeping, technology in auto repair shops can really achieve economies of scale.

Customer Relationship Management

Automation of tasks and having a digital presence can give customers better service by being more responsive and time-efficient. You can also maintain customer data and history and streamline your services according to this information.

Inventory Management

One of the best benefits that technology and software can offer to auto shops is inventory management. A full-equipped technological software can track inventory levels at all times and trigger responses to shortages accordingly. Integrated software also offers the ability to connect with vendors and notify them of required inventory and auto parts.

To keep it short and simple, technology can aid the auto repair industry by boosting employee productivity, effective customer relationships and inventory management.

Technology can also offer more benefits and rich insights e.g tracking vehicle information.

What type of technology do auto repair shops require?

The automotive industry can easily reap the many benefits that technology can offer but first, it is important to understand what kind of technology is required.  Many software are available for the auto repair industry to help them ramp up profits.

Mainly, there are three different types of technology for the automotive industry that can be used:

  • Auto repair shop management software
  • Digital Vehicle Inspection software
  • Access to information
  • Automotive technology has actually made business efficiency a reality for the auto repair industry.
  • Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Auto repair shop management software is an integrated system that offers shops and car repair centers the ability to automate daily tasks and workflows. From point of sale operations to inventory and performance tracking, good auto repair software can offer it all.

These technological advances have made software readily available in all parts of the globe. Not just the auto industry, but various sectors over the world are using the latest technology like shop management systems.

Automotive technology has changed the entire experience for both, customers and auto mechanics by making things easier.

Auto mechanics at a car repair center, who use a shop management system, are also generally more motivated, as per primary research. Technological advances have made vehicle technology and the repair process easier to conduct.

Integrated auto repair software comes with the following features and solutions:

  • Customer relationship management including appointment scheduling, data management, communication and invoice processing
  • Labour task scheduling and order management
  • Inventory tracking and vendor relationship management
  • KPIs dashboard on performance

These features allow auto repair shop owners and managers to increase their profitability, grow their client base and spend more time on client acquisition.

Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Some of the best auto repair shops offer customers digital vehicle inspection systems which help them in boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Digital vehicle inspection is a cutting edge technology that allows auto repair team members to conduct inspections of customer vehicles electronically. This is especially helpful for customers who are not able to make it physically to the shop and makes vehicle inspection much more accessible to everyone.

Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVIs) can be used for vehicle identification, to diagnose vehicle issues and create accurate recommendations for customers to improve their vehicle health by conducting repairs online.

This is an efficient and healthy replacement for traditional, paper-based vehicle inspections. DVIs can also offer customers instant quotes for their vehicle repairs, increasing their satisfaction levels.

Additionally, DVIs build a history of recommendations that can be easily used for quality assurance purposes.

Here are some more of the benefits which DVIs can offer to automotive shops for better car services:

  • Database Management

It helps the company go paperless – electronic records and databases are maintained for all inspections, making it very easy to track

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

It helps auto shops offer a much better and enhanced customer experience through digital videos and images for digital inspections.

  • Efficient Diagnostics & Digital Inspections

Quality inspections can be easily performed with DVIs. DVIs offer insights on critical repairs that are needed and help in improving automotive repair performance. They can also work with the car’s master computer for efficient diagnostics and error tests.

  • Digital Progress Reports

The automated progress reports can directly be shared with customers via an automated system which saves time and offers quality.

There are other features too, that digital vehicle technology can offer to service advisors, mechanics and technicians for a better experience. It is completely worth investing in.

Better Access to Information Using Technology

The world is evolving and there is an overload of information. However, having access to the right and a large amount of information is not easy if it is done manually.

Technicians in auto repair centres who use automated systems make their work much easier. It also helps them on focusing on more tasks, as systems take control of various manual tasks which take up a lot of time but don’t offer much quality.

Access to information like vehicle identification numbers and all the details of cars also make the process quicker and more transparent.

It is time to let go of the outdated methods and experienced mechanics can now access any information, just through mere clicks on their phone or browsing online.

That is the power of new technology. The most experienced mechanics can now spend more time repairing vehicles than fishing for car information.

Using technology, automotive repair shops can get access to information from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) directly. Access to information using technology gives technicians an edge in performing critical repairs.

Any car is a valuable asset and more experienced mechanics know that and take their time conducting critical repairs as the automated system takes reports of other jobs.

Simply put, if automotive shops want to stay ahead of the competition and grow their businesses, it’s time for them to invest in some much-needed technology.