Van Amersfoort: Verstappen is just so beyond talented

Van Amersfoort: Verstappen is just so beyond talented

Van Amersfoort: Verstappen is just so beyond talented

Max Verstappen’s former boss in Formula 3, Frits van Amersfoort, spoke of his ability behind wheel, claiming the 2021 Formula 1 World Champion is beyond talented.

Max Verstappen drove for Van Amersfoort, at his eponymous Formula 3 team back in 2014, proving immediately how special he was with 10 wins that year.

“During that season I said that Max would one day become World Champion,” Van Amersfoort told “There was no doubt about that.

Verstappen did not disappoint his former boss, as he went on to race in F1 full time in 2015, with Toro Rosso – now AlphaTauri, before moving on to Red Bull five races into the 2016 season, winning on his debut with the team at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.


Van Amersfoort  however believes the Dutchman hasn’t changed a lot, and said: “Max drove in F3 exactly the way he drives now.

“He hasn’t really changed in the period between then and now. He may have started driving with his head a little more, but he will always push. Max goes to the limit and he stops only when he’s at the finish.

“The actions Max made with us in 2014 are similar to the actions he shows in F1 now,” he revealed.

“Only then, he drove in front of a much smaller audience and the outside world didn’t see it. Now he does it in front of millions of people, but Max was able to enter Formula 1 after two races in Formula 3.

Verstappen is beyond talented

“The man is just so beyond talented,” Van Amersfoort went on. “In his feeling [for the car], but also mentally.

“That paid off last season,” he said referring to the intense Title battle Verstappen was locked up all season in 2021 with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, from which he emerged victorious at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, albeit in conditions far from ideal.

“Lewis has been World Champion seven times,” he added.  “I have never worked with Lewis but I can imagine that, at the beginning of his career, he was also a bit wilder than now.

“Lewis is Lewis, and has become World Champion seven times and not eight times, because [Verstappen] shoots through motorsport like a rocket.

“I think we should all just enjoy it immensely,” Verstappen compatriot mused.

The support Verstappen gets in the Netherlands is incredible, with the “Orange Army” legions following him from race to race, while transforming the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort into a national event with the Red Bull ace dominating the whole weekend, unruffled by the pressure of racing in front of his home fans.

Van Amersfoort explained the interest, he said: “Verstappen has made Formula 1 a kind of national sport. That is really incredible.

“People who never watched F1, they now all watch F1 and that is purely because of Max,” the Van Amersfoort Racing founder concluded.