A Racing Bettor’s Guide To Swedish Casinos

Sweden ranks as the fifth largest gambling market in the whole of Europe. Most of this is done online, with almost three-fifths of the bets placed in online gambling.

Sweden is, in fact, the top European country when it comes to online gambling.

A considerable number of Swedes have been placing bets in sportsbooks. There are a lot of different sports they can bet on. Grand Prix racing is one of their options and it’s fast catching up among gamblers. But you should stay away from a casino without a Swedish license just to be on the safe and legal side. If you want to join Swedish sports online betting in Sweden, they’re all required to have a license to operate as an online casino.

  • Sports Bets And Racing

 Around half of the Swedish population are into sports, and they really love betting on it. It’s quite important in sports betting to know a few things about the sports that you want to place your bets on such as understanding results and rankings. This will give you at least a working perception of the odds, if you know the skills, talents, and strengths of the teams and its players.

Football is still the most popular sports that Swedes bet on. They also like betting on ice hockey, golf, and basketball. Other sports like horse racing and handball are also starting to gain a following among bettors. 

  • Picking An Online Bookie

You should find a good online bookmaker if you want to place bets in sports racing through Swedish online gambling. There are a number of things you should keep in mind when looking for your online bookie.

First, you should look for an online bookie which has sharp similarities with any of the top bookies in the United Kingdom. The reason for this is that betting in the UK is considered by many in the betting industry as one of the best in the whole world.

You should keep this in mind, especially if you’re not Swedish. Look for a top-rated bookie, that’ll give you a great experience in online Swedish sports betting. There are many advantages in getting a reputable bookmaker, such as, less chances of being defrauded, and 24-hour customer service which protects your privacy and safety as an online bettor.

The second thing you have to consider is the odds. If you’re going to bet on Grand Prix outcomes, look for bookies who will give you the best odds. You should consider taking the time to compare as many bookmakers as you can. There are a number of sites that regularly publish information about the odds they offer as well as the outcomes.

The third thing you should think about when you’re looking for a Swedish bookmaker are the bonuses and promotions that they offer. You might also wish to take the time to study and compare multiple betting sites. Go over the bonuses and promotions offered by each and compare them.

You should also ask about what currencies they accept in their bookies. You might get a bookie that doesn’t accept the currencies that you frequently use to bet. If they charge steep exchange fees each time you make a deposit, you might end up paying them huge fees at the end of the day. There are numerous bookies who accept Swedish Krona, Euro, or Sterling, which are convenient currencies for most bettors.

  • Betting On Racing

Betting on Grand Prix racing in Swedish online casinos is gaining some following. There are already quite a number of enthusiasts all over the world who place their online bets in the Grand Prix. For the upcoming year 2022, the F1 world championship series will jumpstart in Bahrain, proceed to Saudi Arabia, and then Australia. 

The European circuits will start in Italy. Soon after that, the U.S. circuit will commence, then it will move on to Spain, Great Britain, Austria, and then France. Then it will continue to traverse to Hungary, Belgium, and the Netherlands. It helps a lot that Grand Prix racing is also a very exciting sport because it piques the interest of the bettors.

  • Make Sure It’s Licensed.

You should make sure your bookie or online betting site is licensed. Gaming and gambling in Sweden are regulated by the ‘Spelinspektionen’ to ensure that it’s legal, reliable and secured.. You should look for their official logo whenever you’re checking out a gambling site. It’s usually found at the bottom part of the homepage when you scroll down. If you find it there, it means the site has gone through testing by an independent verifying entity. It’s also a mark of guarantee that the site offers fair gaming.

Betting only with reputable and licensed betting sites also ensures that you’re protected from potential security risks. They’ll make sure all your private data such as identity and financial details are kept away from the reach of hackers.


From its earliest years in 2009, online gambling has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry, and already surpassed the revenues of other multimedia giants. Swedish online casinos emerged in the industry due to its legality to operate in their country. In fact, they’re considered as the highest earning gambling site in all of Europe.