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f1 technical directives made public formula 1

Tech Draft: FIA to publish F1 technical directives

f1 technical directives made public formula 1

Dear FIA,

On October 1, 2021, published an open letter I penned to your organization relating to frustrations resulting from a lack of public disclosure of Formula 1 Technical Directives that are issued from time to time and asking you to consider that they indeed be made publicly available in the future in the pursuance of transparency.

I would like to thank you for, not only taking the time to consider the request made not only on my own behalf, but also on the behalf of the GP247 and wider F1 community, and for informing us that it is the FIA’s intent to publish F1 technical directives in future on your website, starting with this weekend’s 2021 United States Grand Prix.

I would like to thank the FIA for the openness and willingness to pursue and place importance on the concept of transparency and in this instance, I am sure that, as an industry, access to technical directives will only provide greater value to its stakeholders.

Over the years, and especially throughout the tenure of President Jean Todt, the importance of the democratic process in FIA governance has always appeared to have been a priority, and this decision only reinforces that perception.

Once again, thank you for considering my request, and for informing me of your decision.

Kind Regards,

Mark Kay