Data Crunch Sochi: Final six laps of mayhem analysed

rain sochi

Hidden away from the lead battle, every team and driver was battling a sub-race within the race at the 2021 Russian Grand Prix, then the rain began to fall around lap 46 with bittersweet consequences.

What was missed from numerous Sochi post-race analyses’ has been how each Formula 1 team and its drivers handled the final half dozen laps, the decisive rain-affected portion of the race.

While the general consensus is that Lando Norris blew it with Lewis Hamilton handed the lead and “gifted” his unprecedented 100th win, the numbers for this Data Crunch show that Mercedes made appropriate calls, while Hamilton set the bar once again proving to be the rain master.

Daniel Ricciardo 3

  • Position on lap 46: 5th
  • Final result: 4th [+1]
  • Pit in-lap time: 2:12.503 [+16.398s to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +24.441 

Lap 46: Engineer says first spots of rain in pit lane, very, very light. No immediate response from DR. DR says turn seven is slippery and asks what pit lane is like, his engineer says it stopped raining.

Lap 47: Engineer warns there is a bit more rain at plus-one intensity in turns five and eight as DR begins the lap. No immediate response from DR. DR later says “yup, very slippery.” Engineer reaffirms it’s not raining in the pits.

Lap 48: Engineer warns that Lando is struggling in turns three and five, first cars are pitting for inters. DR has a moment and runs off the circuit at turn 7 and says “yeah, crazy slippery now.” DR is told there are five laps remaining after the current lap he’s on and asked if he needs the intermediate tyre.  DR responds “yeah, I just can’t keep it on track, the hard [tyre] just got no temp.” DR was told to box by the engineer. DR acknowledges and complies by pitting.

Summary: Ricciardo was out one lap too long but delivered decent consistency on a slippery circuit and was rewarded by finishing ahead of where he was running when the rain started.

Lando Norris 4

  • Position on lap 46: 1st
  • Final result: 7th [-6]
  • In-lap time: 3:11.081 [+1:14.976 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +1:28.391

Lap 47: Engineer warns LN that umbrellas are going up, LN responds saying it’s spitting quite a bit. Then LN says again it’s spitting in the middle sector towards the end of the lap.

Lap 48: LN is warned that the current rain intensity would stay to the end of the race and that the track was possibly wet from turns seven to ten.

Lap 49: LN warned of yellow flags, in turn seven, and as LN enters turn seven, he runs wide.

Lap 50: LN asks how many laps remain, his engineer says four and that some cars have to pit for intermediate tyres including Valtteri Bottas. LN once again warned that the track is very slippery from turns five to ten with lots of cars going off, LN responds “YEAH, SHUTUP!” LN asked what he thinks of an intermediate tyre and he responds “NO!” LN expresses irritation requiring blue flags as Lewis closes in.

Lap 51: Engineer notifies LN that Lewis has to pit for inters. LN responds calmly that he saw it and says “we just need to commit to staying”. Engineer asks LN as he approaches pit lane entry “Lando just to confirm we need to be able to stay on the track here, are you happy to carry on with this tyre?” LN does not respond to the question and the rest, as they say, is history.

Summary: Inexcusable and childish behaviour from Lando to yell over the radio. The greatest fault of all was to completely ignore the end of lap 51 call which ended up being the most critical moment of the race. A lesson learned the hard way by breaking Zombieland rule #17: don’t be a hero.

By the end of lap 51, there was overwhelming evidence that used up hard compound tyres were not up to the task which should have been obvious to McLaren. Thus McLaren themselves are faulted with falling headfirst into the end of race pit of hysteria.

Sebastian Vettel 5

  • Position on lap 46: 10th
  • Final result: 12th [-2]
  • In-lap time: 2:39.588 [+43.483 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +53.934

Lap 46: Engineer warns of possible rain in turn five, no response from SV.

Lap 47: SV says “ok, it’s getting wet.” Engineer says they think the rain will get worse before it gets better. Contact with Aston Martin teammate Lance Stroll goes unnoted. Engineer asks if he can make the pace last, SV responds the rain is getting heavier. Towards the end of the lap SV is told to stay out, SV complies.

Lap 48: Engineer says “we’re thinking it’s going to get worse from here, we’re thinking box, what’s your thoughts?” SV says “so far it’s still ok.” The call is unchallenged, SV carries on as he starts a new lap.

Lap 49: Engineer tells SV “our thoughts are on lap times, it’s inters.” SV is informed that only the cars ahead of him are on dry tyres at the moment, but Verstappen behind was on intermediate tyres. Engineer repeats “we think it’s inters what’s your thoughts?” SV responds the track is getting better. Engineer says “copy that, copy that, stay out.”

Lap 50: SV says “now there is more rain, shit.” SV tells his engineer now it’s time for intermediate tyres.

Summary: Sebastian Vettel is among the elite when it comes to mental processing capabilities within the car. He’s a multiple world champion after all. Unfortunately on this occasion, Vettel was told “on lap time, it’s inters” by his race engineer which should have been the trigger to act. Sebastian instead carried on to no avail and fell out of a points-paying position as a result.

Nicholas Latifi 6

  • Position on lap 46: 16th
  • Final result: DNF
  • In-lap time: 2:17.724 [+21.619 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: N/A

Lap 45: NL asks for a weather update, he is told rain will appear in turn five at “level one or two.”

Lap 46: NL warns it’s raining in turns five and seven, his engineer tells him his tyres are in a good window. Engineer re-confirms rain reported in turns five, seven, and eight. NL says it’s going to start to get “sketchy” [dodgy] and asks if he’s losing pace to the others. Engineer confirms pace is good.

Lap 47: NL warned more rain in turns three and ten. NL warns the team it’s raining harder and he needs to box. Immediately after stating this, he crashes lightly in turn seven damaging his rear wing and ultimately ending his own race.

Summary: Latifi became the only driver not to finish the race due to damage sustained during the end of the race rain phase.

Kimi Raikkonen 7

  • Position on lap 46: 13th
  • Final result: 8th [+5]
  • In-lap time: 1:58.451 [+2.346 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +25.306

Lap 46: Engineer warns KR that rain is increasing without stating where on the circuit.

Lap 47: Engineer says they are expecting rain to increase for the next lap or two. KR responds saying it was quite bad in turns seven and eight. The engineer responds saying that’s the worst part of the circuit. Engineer asks “what do you think Kimi? Soft, inter question?” KR responds “it’s very wet.” Engineer says “ok are we staying out at the moment?”

Kimi babbles on incoherently about his tyres sounding as though he was ok to push on. His engineer is confused and again prompts KR if he’s carrying on. KR says “I’m going to try something here. Box, box, box, pit, pit, pit” as KR darts to the pits on his own accord to the sheer panic of his engineer. KR is asked if he wants soft compound tyres or intermediate tyres, Kimi responds “inter.”

Summary: Classic Kimi.

Nikita Mazepin 9

  • Position on lap 46: 19th
  • Final result: 18th [+1]
  • In-lap time: 2:13.746 [+17.641 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +52.060

Lap 45: Engineer warns NM that there’s rain in turns four, five, and seven but doesn’t think it’s going to get worse. Engineer asks for the status of the rain on track. NM says it’s raining in turns five and six but the rest of the track isn’t bad.

Lap 46: Engineer warns NM to expect the rain to continue “just like this” until the end of the race, and that it wasn’t going to get worse. NM acknowledges. NM later says ‘the rain is quite shit.” NM then tells his engineer that the rain has intensified and that they need to box. Engineer acknowledges.

As pitlane approaches NM is asked if he’s sure that he needs intermediate tyres. NM confirms stating he can’t keep it on the track otherwise. Engineer responds “what about softs? Can you survive on softs?” NM responds “negative.” Engineer acknowledges and NM pits.

Summary: Strong recognition of track conditions, Nikita Mazepin was among the first drivers to request intermediate tyres. It seems the only time he’s ever mentioned is when he is deliberately attacked, so thumbs up to Mazepin here.

His engineer fought him prior to pitting but as Mazepin entered pit lane, George Russell, Valtteri Bottas, and Kimi Raikkonen were being fitted with intermediate tyres, he immediately dropped his resistance to Nikita’s call.

Pierre Gasly 10

  • Position on lap 46: 15th
  • Final result: 13th [+2]
  • In-lap time: 3:01.813 [+1:05.708 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +1:21.537

Lap 45: PG reports rain, his engineer says possibly very light showers in turn five. Engineer asks to be kept posted on the situation.

Lap 46: PG is warned that turns five and seven are wet.

Lap 47: Engineer warns PG again that rain is increasing at turn five and asks PG to keep the team posted on track conditions. PG asks “do I need to box.” Engineer responds “why do you need to box? Please repeat.” Engineer goes on to doubt the need for intermediate tyres.

Lap 48: Engineer asks for PG to keep them posted on track conditions and encourages him that he’s doing a good job. PG spins, in turn eight, from the contact of Lance Stroll rejoining the circuit after the Canadian missed turn seven. The contact sends PG into a rage. Engineer asks towards the end of the lap if he can hang on and PG says “yes we need to fight.”

Lap 49: PG is alerted that some cars have switched to intermediate tyres. Engineer tells PG it is not getting any worse.

Lap 50: PG reports “so much rain, I can’t do it, I won’t stay on the track.” Engineer acknowledges the need to box. PG spins on his own in turn 13.

Summary: Dry or wet, the entire race was one to forget for Pierre Gasly and AlphaTauri.

Sergio Perez 11

  • Position on lap 46: 4th
  • Final result: 9th [-5]
  • In-lap time: 2:03.134 [+7.029 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +52.488

Lap 46: Engineer reports spots in turn five.

Lap 47: SP warned of a lot of rain ahead in turn five.

Lap 48: SP warned the rain is coming in turns two and four. SP reports the track is wet but still ok for his tyres. Engineer warns cars are going off in turn seven and to be cautious. Engineer asks about the conditions, SP says there’s a part that’s wet, the rest is dry and then nearly swaps ends at turn 13. Despite this, SP is told “staying out Checo, staying out” as he goes past pit lane.

Lap 49: Engineer warns SP that it’s slippery in turn three. Engineer asks SP “are you happy on the tyre, do you need inters?” No immediate response from SP. Engineer re-engages, “are you happy or do you need inters?” SP asks if more rain is expected. Engineer says that there could be more. As SP nears the end of the lap, Engineer says “your call Checo, do you want inters?” Checo says “no.”

Lap 50: Engineer warns SP that there’s more rain coming and intermediate tyres are faster, SP says “box”, engineer acknowledges. SP asks how much faster people are on the intermediate, engineer responds “pit”. SP complies and ends up crashing in pit lane as Hamilton did on Saturday.

Summary: Checo’s engineer put a high emphasis on the intermediate tyre, but didn’t put an exclamation point on it by simply stating it was faster than staying out on what he had. Sergio and Red Bull were among the biggest losers, they were on for a podium finish prior to the rain yet ultimately Perez fell back to finish ninth.

Fernando Alonso 14

  • Position on lap 46: 6th
  • Final result: 6th [+0]
  • In-lap time: 2:19.378 [+23.273 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +38.971

Lap 45: FA reports “rain, darker and darker turn seven.” Engineer acknowledges. FA goes on to say “definitely some drops of rain in turns seven and eight,” engineer again acknowledges.

Lap 46: FA says he’s not sure if he’ll finish with dry tyres, engineer acknowledges. FA says “you too, anything you see on track or on the radar.” FA reports turn eight is very slippery, engineer acknowledges.

Lap 47: Alonso says it’s raining in turn five. Engineer responds saying the rest of the circuit looks dry.

Lap 48: Engineer warns of rain in turn two. FA says “very wet, turns four, five, and seven.” engineer asks “what are you thinking Fernando?” FA says “I don’t know, what are the leaders doing?” Engineer tells FA that the leaders are still out. Alonso asks what the radar is saying. No response from the engineer as Alonso crosses the pit lane entry to begin another lap.

Lap 49: FA reminded five laps to go, and that “there will only be five minutes of this.” FA says “turn two is better now,” engineer copies and there is no discussion of pitting through to the end of the lap.

Lap 50: FA reminded four laps remaining, engineer says “expect this to ease off a bit.” FA responds it’s raining now again. FA says “it’s raining heavy now, box, box.” Engineer acknowledges.

Summary: Both Alonso and his engineer got it wrong despite concerted discussion. Alonso’s driving skills bought him out of trouble. Easily on for a podium if he stopped one lap earlier, but in the end he finished where he was prior to the rain in 6th position.

 Charles Leclerc 16

  • Position on lap 46: 8th
  • Final result: 15th [-7]
  • In-lap time: 3:19.316 [+1:23.211 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +2:00.268

Lap 46: Engineer informs CL that some drops are expected in one or two minutes.

Lap 47: CL informed that the rain is increasing in turns three, four, five, six, and seven. Engineer says be careful in turns three, four and five, and that the rain will continue as is for the next 10 minutes. CL asked what he thinks of the tyres.

Lap 48: Engineer says “the worst parts of the track are turns six and seven, some cars are spinning there.” CL runs wide in turn seven. Engineer says “lots of cars coming in for inters. 5 laps to go. Sainz is coming in for inters. Inters seems to be faster.”

Lap 49: Engineer asks for a radio check as Leclerc makes his first communication with the team since the rain had begun to fall. “stop next lap, stop next lap, stop next lap.” Engineer confirms stop next lap. CL asks if the rain would continue, Engineer confirms yes, CL asks to leave it for now “stay out, stay out, stay out.” Engineer acknowledges.  Engineer says “ok stay out if you can stay on track.”

Lap 50: CL is informed that the first car with intermediate tyres is Verstappen, and that there are four laps to go. CL says “we need to box I think, we need to box otherwise it’s game over.” CL runs wide in turn eight. Engineer says “we are expecting intensity to increase so box this lap.” Towards the end of the lap the engineer then tells CL “If you think you can keep the car on track it’s the best to stay out. If not come in.” As CL approaches the pit entry CL is instructed “now box, now box.” CL confused says “no, no you said if I can stay out.”

Lap 51: CL’s race collapses.

Summary: The message delivered to Charles Leclerc to stay out if he could stay on the track was extremely misleading and completely inappropriate. Putting it into perspective, Sainz on inters was 22 seconds faster on this lap, lap 50. Ferrari had Sainz as a reference therefore they are faulted with ultimately misleading Leclerc.

Lance Stroll 18

  • Position on lap 46: 9th
  • Final result: 11th [-2]
  • In-lap time: 2:15.262 [+19.157 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +50.284

Lap 46: LS warned of rain in turn five and asked to keep the team posted, no immediate response from LS who makes a comment about rain, engineer acknowledges.

Lap 47: LS says “raining a lot,” engineer acknowledges, LS says “it’s very wet and I got hit [Vettel].” Engineer responds “box for inters.” As LS nears the end of the lap he says “but it’s dry here, it’s dry here, stay out.” Engineer pleads with LS repeating an instruction to box 10 times in a panic. LS responds “I went out again, one more lap.”

Lap 48: Engineer informs LS “Lance front wing is broken” and tells LS to keep pushing. Engineer asks LS if he can stay out in this condition, LS says “yes” and then immediately crashes into the turn 7 barriers luckily getting away without significant damage.

LS then hits Gasly in turn 8 after recovering from his turn 7 crash. LS radio’s in “Box man, ah fuck I don’t know if I have any damage or not.” Engineer asks LS whether he wants soft tyres or intermediates, Lance responds “soft.” Engineer confirms box for soft tires. During the pit stop the team ultimately decides to fit intermediate tyres.

Summary: Stroll owns his end of race meltdown entirely, and it wasn’t pretty. The result being, turning a likely ninth-place finish into an eleventh place finish.

Yuki Tsunoda 22

  • Position on lap 46: 17th
  • Final result: 17th [0]
  • In-lap time: 2:16.543 & 2:24.845 [+20.438 & +28.740 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +2:02.466

Lap 45: Engineer asks if it’s raining, YT confirms that it’s raining.

Lap 46: YT informs the team again it’s raining. YT told to stay out by engineer.

Lap 47: Engineer warns YT to be careful in turn seven as Latifi had crashed. YT told to box and he complies. Engineer tells YT “we go on a soft tyre, for these conditions it should be faster.”

Lap 48: YT radios in towards the end of the lap that “it’s so slippery.” Engineer tells him to stay out.

Lap 49: Engineer tells YT to box.

Summary: AlphaTauri were the only team to stop twice as Yuki was initially put on soft tyres before switching again to intermediate tyres. Very odd that Yuki had zero say in deciding when to stop, it’s baffling. The result capped off a terrible day for AlphaTauri.

Esteban Ocon 31

  • Position on lap 46: 12th
  • Final result: 14th [-2]
  • In-lap time: 3:05.511 [+1:09.406 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +1:38.656

Lap 45: EO reports rain, engineer acknowledges.

Lap 46: Engineer reminds EO that there are eight laps to go, and asks to be kept informed about track conditions, OE acknowledges. Engineer says rain detected in turn seven and towards the end of the lap says more visible rain in turns three, four, and five.

Lap 47: Engineer again asks to be kept informed about track conditions, EO acknowledges. Engineer asks “ok mate, what do you think about the track?” EO doesn’t answer. Engineer asks again and EO says “turn two and those corners are wet but the rest of the circuit there is no standing water.” Engineer acknowledges.

Lap 48: EO says “I don’t think that it’s wet enough,” his engineer tells him some cars are boxing for intermediate tyres. EO says “quite tricky, quite tricky now with everyone going off but not the last two corners I think.” Engineer responds “lots of cars have boxed.” EO slides off at turn 13, recovers and continues. EO asks how many laps to go. Engineer says “five laps by the end of this one.”

Lap 49: Engineer says “ok it’s going to ease off for the next few minutes, keep us informed about the track.” EO acknowledges.

Lap 50: Engineer reminds EO that there are four laps to go. Engineer says “we’ve got reports of heavy rain.” EO acknowledges “yes now.” Engineer instructs EO to box as EO runs wide at turn five.

Summary: The similar context of Ocon and Alonso’s discussions indicates the team had the belief that the rain was slowing resulting in Ocon running one lap longer than he’d have liked to. It turned an already bad day into a worse day for Ocon.

Max Verstappen 33

  • Position on lap 46: 7th
  • Final result: 2nd [+5]
  • In-lap time: 2:03.080 [+6.975 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +8.168

Lap 45: Engineer asks about the conditions. MV says it’s drizzling a little bit, engineer asks to be kept informed.

Lap 46: MV says “a bit more slippery now here [Turn 7],” engineer acknowledges.

Lap 47: Engineer says “could be very wet ahead, take care into turn two, your call for the inter remember.”  Engineer asks about the conditions. No immediate response from MV. MV goes on to say the track is slippery but not sure if he should pit. MV decides not to box at the end of the lap.

Lap 48: Engineer cautions MV that turns three and seven could be slippery. MV is asked “There’s a few people pitting for inters now max what are your thoughts?” MV doesn’t respond. Engineer says it’ll be tricky ahead, a few people have been off at turn seven. MV runs wide at turn seven. Engineer asks if the rain is getting worse. MV says “I’m losing time, I think we should box as I’m only losing time.” Engineer confirms box.

Summary: A great call which was ultimately left with Max, and the results back it up. Seventh before the rain to second position afterwards.

Lewis Hamilton 44

  • Position on lap 46: 2nd
  • Final result: 1st [+1]
  • In-lap time: 1:56.879 [+0.774 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: N/A

Lap 45: Engineer informs LH that the risk of rain is increasing, and it’ll arrive around turn five area first.

Lap 46: Engineer says “so track slippery in this area [turn five] the rain is on its way.”

Lap 47: Engineer reports of raindrops in turns five, six, and seven.

Lap 48: Engineer reports an increase in rain intensity, and that it’s wet on the far end of the circuit. Engineer says “we are ready in the box if you need us.” LH responds for the first time “it’s pretty slippery but it’s not raining much.” LH is informed that Valtteri had stopped for intermediate tyres. LH responds “its definitely slippery man.” Engineer instructs LH to box as he approaches the pit entry “box-box, box-box for inters.” LH ignores the call to pit.

Lap 49: Engineer says “so this is the cross over time, we have cars going off track.” Towards the end of the lap LH is told “so Verstappen has pitted for inters, looks like Norris may as well. We have a free gap so box, box, box, box.” LH responds “it’s stopped raining man!”

Engineer ignores the comment “so box, box, box, box confirmed, there’s more coming.”

Summary: Lewis was among a handful of drivers that ignored a call to box when instructed to do so. It resulted in running one lap at sub-optimal performance. His team saved him by forcing him to stop against his will but regardless, Hamilton dominated the final phase of the race, winning the race and significantly outclassing his rivals. It’s hardly the “gift” some have insinuated.

Carlos Sainz 55

  • Position on lap 46: 3rd
  • Final result: 3rd [0]
  • In-lap time: 2:12.870 [+16.765 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +26.455

Lap 45: Engineer informs CS light rain is expected in a minute. CS confirms “yeah, it’s raining now, yup.”

Lap 46: Engineer informs CS of drops of rain at turns five, six, and seven, little drops. CS then told to expect light drizzle. CS says “ok be ready with inters and be ready with softs.” Engineer confirms both sets are ready. CS says again “turn seven is now wet ok, so be ready.”

Lap 47: Engineer warns of higher intensity rain in turns three, four, five, six, and seven and that Norris went wide at turn 6. CS acknowledges “ok its nearly inter. Be ready.” Engineer confirms team is ready. CS says “so for me it’s maybe soft, it’s hard to shift.” And then towards the end of the lap “guys if it keeps raining I need to box, I cannot do another lap like this. Maybe soft? one more lap, one more lap.” Engineer acknowledges “stay out.”

Lap 48: CS asks how the drivers ahead of him are managing and is told that they are struggling and to be careful. As CS enters the heaviest wet area he says “I need to change tyres. We need to change I think to inter.” CS runs wide at turn 7. CS again says he need to change tyres which is confirmed by his engineer to box for soft. CS runs wide again at turn 13.

Summary: As was the case for many drivers, a hesitance to stop for tyres resulted in running one lap longer on the slicks than perhaps he ought to have. In the end, it worked out reasonably well for the Spaniard. Although he was in third position before the rain started, Perez did pass him for position on lap 47. Sainz managed to recover back to an admirable third position finish.

George Russell 63

  • Position on lap 46: 11th
  • Final result: 10th [+1]
  • In-lap time: 1:58.652 [+2.547 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +39.733

Lap 45: Engineer tells GR to push the tyre temperature.

Lap 46: GR says “level 2 [rain].”

Lap 47: GR asks “how is the track? The wet parts?” No response from his engineer. GR while in turn four says “get the inters ready, inters.” Engineer confirms box.

Summary: Short, sweet and right to the point. Russell is the first driver to box of all. Unfortunately, his pace on intermediate tyres was not very good, not compared to what we’ve seen so far from him this year. Although he did manage to jump up one position from where he was prior to the rain and scored a championship point with a tenth position finish.

Valtteri Bottas 77

  • Position on lap 46: 14th
  • Final result: 5th [+9]
  • In-lap time: 1:56.105 [Fastest]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +2.569

Lap 45: VB informs his team “turn seven was slippery with the water.” Engineer confirms and tells him to watch out for rain and asks about his tyres.

Lap 46: VB says “tyres are ok.” Towards the end of the lap, VB is informed that it’s raining at turns four and five. VB asks “is it going to continue, should we box?” Engineer tells VB not to box and to stay out.

Lap 47: Engineer says rain is predicted to remain quite light, and that it’s getting wet in turn two and onwards. VB says “It’s pretty bad we should have boxed.” Engineer complies “box box box for intermediates.”

Summary: Valtteri was quick to recognize the need for intermediate tyres and followed George Russell into pit lane on lap 47. Mercedes quick service released him ahead of Russell, where Bottas would go on to find his stride and basically match his teammate Lewis Hamilton’s late-race pace.

Antonio Giovinazzi 99

  • Position on lap 46: 18th
  • Final result: 15th [+3]
  • In-lap time: 2:52.338 [+56.233 to BOT]
  • Time lost to race winner [HAM] between lap 46 & finish: +1:41.375

Summary: Unfortunately no radio is available for Giovinazzi. Ultimately the Italian stayed out to the bitter end directly opposite to his Alfa Romeo teammate Kimi Raikkonen.