Williams: Dorilton have the right mindset and resources

williams racing

New Williams Racing CEO Jost Capito has been “very impressed” with owners Dorilton Capital, a US-based investment firm that bought the team last year.

Capito was appointed as Williams CEO in December, having previously worked for BMW, Porsche, Sauber and McLaren within motorsport.

The team are hoping to rebound after a few difficult years where they have languished at the back of the grid, with the 2022 regulations representing an important opportunity for Williams to re-establish themselves.

Asked for his initial impression of Dorilton, Capito explained that the firm had the “right mindset and resources” to take the team forward.

“I must say, to start that I have been very impressed by Dorilton,” he said following the launch of the FW43B on Friday. “They are a very good owner with the right mindset and resources, and they are very supportive to the team.

“We are at the dawn of a new era at Williams. I would characterise 2021 as a transitional year for the team where our aim is to close the gap as much as possible.

“However, our resources are very much focused on 2022 and the new regulations. This is where we see the opportunity to make the first significant steps in competitiveness for Williams in our new era. And from there, we will build.

“But we are realistic, there is never a quick fix. What we are developing is a step by step, long term plan to restore this team to the front end of Formula 1.

“So while we will clearly still be racing as hard as we can in 2021, our focus is already very much on building for the future, from 2022 and beyond.”

(Additional Reporting: Agnes Carlier)