Day After: Wet Weather Madness

A race that more than lived up to expectations, the 2019 German Grand Prix will be one that lives long in the memory of F1 fans.

It’s with good reason everyone get’s excited at the prospect of a wet race in F1. There’s always a bit of extra excitement when the heavens open, and yet, no one could’ve expected that much.

In the myriad spins, crashes and safety cars, the 2019 German GP might’ve been the most chaotic race we’ve seen this decade – and certainly of the V6 turbo era. Sure, the rain usually provides a few mishaps, or a chance for a team to roll the dice on tyre choice, but rarely does it give us races like Sunday’s.

Aside from Max Verstappen, who was the only front-runner to keep his head in a well-deserved second win of the season, approximately seven other drivers – Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Nico Hulkenberg, Charles Leclerc, Daniil Kvyat, Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel – staked a claim to the podium at one time or another, the fact that Vettel (from last) and Kvyat (from 14th) were the ones who actually did was a fittingly wacky end to such a wacky story.

Even if this race has ends up having no real effect on the championship – and odds are it won’t – this might be the most important race of the 2019 season. Like Canada 2011 or Europe ’07, it is a race that captures the sport at its most dramatic, and it is such drama that could be for many, the gateway drug to a lifetime of F1 fandom.

Quick Hits

Obviously a fantastic day for Daniil Kvyat, but perhaps an even better day for Toro Rosso’s strategy department. They absolutely nailed the decision to keep him on his second set of inters when most everyone was going for their third, and four laps later swapped him for softs – a lap ahead of the rest of the front-runners – which carried him to the end of the race. Ferrari should hire the lot of them.

Its official: miracles do happen – Williams have a 2019 championship point! Congrats to Robert Kubica, who now hold the record at eight year, eight months and fourteen days between points finishes, although you do have to feel a little sorry for George Russell, who has been the superior driver all season.

An uncharacteristically poor day for Lewis Hamilton, but he was clearly under the weather. He mentioned in his post-race presser he was dealing with a “bug”, and certainly looked like it had taken a lot out of him.

Driver of the Day: Sebastian Vettel

Came from last on the grid to second at the flag, delivering the sort of composed drive we used to know him for.

Worst of the Day: Valtteri Bottas

Obviously not the only one to crash, but definitely the one who could least afford it. He had a significant opportunity to gain some points on Lewis Hamilton, instead, he blew it.

Quote of the Day:

“Could you describe the conditions around the track please?”

“Uh, fucking wet? Can’t see a thing. Very wet” – Lando Norris, providing valuable insight to his engineer.