Marko: Vettel needs to ditch Ferrari and change teams

Helmut Marko thinks Sebastian Vettel needs a change of team in order to get his Formula 1 career back on track as Red Bull’s former driver finds himself under tremendous pressure at Ferrari after yet another glaring error, this time at the British Grand Prix.

The German ace, who is nominally Ferrari’s number one driver, has lost the crucial backing of the Italian media after the Silverstone fiasco while they urge team boss Mattia Binotto to focus on Charles Leclerc for results.

“At Red Bull, he hardly made any mistakes,” noted the energy drink outfit’s new star Max Verstappen. “You do not forget how to drive. So why does this stuff keep happening to him over and over again at Ferrari?”

Marko, the Red Bull driver manager who brought Vettel into F1 and hosted his four world championships, thinks it is a crisis of confidence for the man that took the energy drinks outfit to four back-to-back world titles earlier in this decade.

The team’s outspoken consultant told Auto Bild, “You make mistakes when you are no longer sure of yourself. It happens in the subconscious.”

Vettel has a contract for 2020, but that has not stopped speculation that he might either quit F1 or even return to Red Bull.

Marko suggested that leaving Ferrari might be the only thing that can put Vettel back on track, “Sebastian would have to be in a different environment. In order words, change the team, but I see no way for 2020.”

Big Question: Would a change of team help Seb’s cause?

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